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Monday, November 29, 2010

Contest Winner A Little Late

Well I guess I am kinda running behind because I said the contest was goon be drawn on Friday and all the sudden its Monday!  I even missed Sunday Stills yesterday cause I wasnt home.   I kinda been busy riding everyday and cleaning the barn at Jardis.  I am going to a cutting clinic in Ponoka with Jardi and Vic Almond this coming weekend, so we thought we should get our ponies rode lots this week before the clinic.  I am taking both Gypsy and Razz and it should be fun, I cant wait!

I been having trouble with Gypsy moving her bum.  She moves her shoulders very easily, but its hard for me to get her to move behind, so I put her in a three piece snaffle (which she seems to really like) and I got like two steps!  I was pretty excited. 

But then on Sunday I was loping and I never tightened my cinch before loping, even though that little voice in my head said I should, and I could feel my saddle slipping to the inside, so I leaned to the outside and slid right off and hit the wall pretty hard.  I scared Charlene pretty good and we decided to go to the hospital even though I wasn't feeling too bad, so he looked at me and wanted me to come back this morning for x-rays on my sacro/lumbar region.  I stayed over at Jardis overnight and she drove me back to the hospital and we got the x-rays done and had to wait to see the doctor again to read them, and it looks like I will be fine, but just strained the muscles/ tendons in my shoulder and hip area.  I am supposed to rest and then move carefully, so if I feel okay I may go ride tomorrow and see how that goes.  Prolly will be a short ride though.

Anyhow, my contest winners are Lisa from Laughing Orca Ranch, and 5 Starr Farms!  If you will email me your address, I will get the soap on its way.  Congrats all winners, and it sounds like Family is the best gift of all!


fernvalley01 said...

OUCH!!! we have all done it I am sure.Hope you feel better soon. And congrats to the winners!

CCC said...

Oh no! Gotta listen to that voice. Are you sure you're OK?

Shirley said...

Holy smokes Crystal! Glad you didn't break anything! Wish I was able to get you some Deep Relief roll-on; heck, I wish I could go to the cutting clinic, Ponoka is a little too far away.
Does Gypsy move her hip over at a standstill? Or does she just have issues moving it over with forward momentum? One of the things that helped me get horses to move their hip over while standing was something I read by George Morris: to take up your reins until you have contact, then bring one rein straight back at the same time as you apply leg on the same side, behind the cinch. Of course, once they get the idea, you can use softer and softer cues until you just have to squeeze your hand on the rein, and move your leg back and they are moving the hip nicely.
Hope you aren't too sore to enjoy the clinic.

lisa said...

Goodness, glad you are ok. I bruised my hip pretty bad the time I fell off of Sirocco and I was on crutches for three weeks with pain killers. Good luck at the clinic and know you will have fun!

Janice said...

Ow and Owww. Glad to hear you are not seriously injured ....although those kinds of injuries pain ya for awhile.Hope you still make it to your clinic...have some fun for me while you're at it.Take it easy woman.


Wow glad your ok ! My horse decided to drop down on me and roll when I was younger and boy oh boy did that hurt , all his weight and western saddle rolling on my leg I couldnt get out of it, then suddenly I just used my other leg got angry cause I was traped and pushed him up and pulled my leg out , surprizingly it wasnt broken DR said I was luck for that and that it didnt crush my leg but I got away with lots of painful bruises and a long recovery and had to walk with a cain for a month ! Have a great day !

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thank you! Well hot diggity! I must be having a lucky streak as I've won a couple blog contests lately. Maybe I should head to Las Vegas and do some gambling? lol! Not! :D

Seriously, though, take it easy with those injuries. Sometimes there can be tiny fractures
that don't show up on X-Rays.
When I was knocked to the ground by a pipe rail when my previous horse pulled back while tied, I got a compound fracture to my tibial plateau(knee), but it didn't show up on x-rays.

Two weeks later I went in for an MRI because I was still having terrible pain and not able to place any weight on that leg, and that's when the fractures showed up. The Dr. said it was a good thing I kept using my crutches instead of trying to walk without them, or else I could have displaced the fractures and would have had to have surgery! eeek!

So, take it easy and don't do too much too soon. Listen to your body.
I hope you heal quickly and feel well enough to go to the clinic this weekend.