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Thursday, November 11, 2010

She's Here!!

First off Rememberance Day, very important day to remembcer why we live in such an awesome country and for all the people who sacrificed thier lives for us to have a great place to live!  Thanks!

Yesterday I went to get my new girl.  It was a great day, I spent 3 and half hours visiting with Gloria and it seemed like it went by in seconds!  We looked at all her horses, solved all the world problems and all in all just had a great time.  She just bought a new stud to replace the one who died this spring (Jazz's dad).  He is just a yearling and he is from Texas and on his way home today, should take about 3 days if they can get him accross the border easily.

I really enjoy talking horses with people and especially sensible knowledgeable people.  The weirdest thing is, now they live just under 4 hours from here, but her husband grew up near Hanna and he knew our neighbors!  What a small world!

I brought Bailey up with me for the trip and so Disco would have company when she got here, and i turned her out last night and she just followed Bailey arounds, It was rather uneventful way to add a new member to the herd, Im sure there will be a little arguing, but so far pretty quiet.

I saw Razz's half sister, her mom (wow is that a stout mare), and the stud that Disco is bred to.  She sure has a few more I wouldnt mind being in my herd, if there was more room ;)

She seems to be settling in well, they mostly still chase her away, but there is lots of room out there since I moved them into the winter pasture again, and hopefully (well see how things work out) next thursday I will be able to get my babies in and finally get Jamaica weaned.  I am going away for a scrapbooking weekend with my mom, so that is next on my neverending list of things to do.


Shirley said...

She's a cute li'l thing isn't she. What are your plans for her? The new stud from Texas, do you know his bloodlines?

Crystal said...

Shirley, he's out of Colonels Smokinggun out a a mare thats a grandaughter of Smart Little Lena.

Here is his page.

CCC said...

Another cute girl. You're getting quite the collection.

Janice said...

She looks like she will fit in nicely.

fernvalley01 said...

Nice mare , you have a great looking group there


Love your blog ! You live a perfect horsey life! I was raised on a farm and miss horses alot. We live in the country and are striving to have my dream of a hobby farm one day soon ! I am definatly a follower ! Have a great day !