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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


This past weekend I spent at a scrap booking retreat.  It conveniently is at the place where I board my horses for the winter, so I got to ride each day as well.  That is actually how I met Jardi was through her bed and breakfast when me and my mom wanted to go away scrap booking for the weekend, i phoned a bunch of places and she said they were open and not busy, so we picked there.

After visiting with her all weekend and seeing her horses and place, I said something about taking lessons, and she said to call her in the spring when it go a little nicer out, so in March or so I went over and she said she had her stud ready for me, well this was all wrong according to everything I had ever been told and she had never seen my ride and I was pretty nervous, but I went for it and am sooo glad I did cause he was amazing!!  I was just taking riding lessons, but she let me do some fun stuff like rollbacks and spins, that was soo cool.

I kept going back and eventually took my own horse and learned a lot on him and she still cant get rid of me, lol.  I have had lots of fun there and every year we still go back and scrapbook there even though she doesn't run the bed and breakfast anymore, she does it just for us once a year.  And it helps that she scrapbooks as well, although only when we do the retreats.  I got a lot done this year, about 30 double sided pages, not the most I have ever gotten done, but pretty good for 3 days with breaks to ride between.

I never rode on Friday because we were late getting there and I was enthusiastic about scrapping.  But Saturday I got my girls up and we were gonna ride outside cause it was so nice out, so me and Jardi went out to the coulee and since I had Razz, we thought we should do some trotting cause I have only trotted her outside a few steps before, well she was really good, not getting super excited and not even going super speedy.  She was going faster than Jardi, but not too bad.  Next thing I know Jardi is on the ground cause Twister lived up to her name and twisted in the air cause she saw a deer that was still hidden, |I turned and went back to make sure she was alright (which she was) but Razz was more scared about her being on the ground than of the deer which Twister was still staring at.  Luckily Twister never run off, so she got back on and we went back home.

I never rode Gypsy that day cause I was a little worried about Jardi but all that happened was a bruise, so On Sunday I thought I better get them both rode. I rode  Gypsy with Charlene out on the trail, she has been Riding a 3 year old of Jardis that she is trying to sell (Billy).  It was uneventful and so we came back and rode inside with Razz and Ricky, we had made up a pattern and rode it, it was very simple, but we were afraid to make it too long because we might forget it.  It had a full lap around the arena, two figure eights, stop, backup, one and a half turnarounds (or a small circle then a half turn for Razz), then a full lap the other way, then a 2 more figure eights and stop in the middle.  It was interesting even though the horses thought we were crazy I'm sure.

On Monday I rode Gypsy in with Ricky and Charlene and Jardi wanted to see our pattern, so we did it and then she thought we could do it at the lope!  That meant lead changes!  But we did it and Gypsy got the lead change the first time each round but not the second one, I think it was my fault though.  She tries to turn her head too much into the spin too, so I have to hole her head straighter, otherwise it was really good.  I also rode Razz and she was really good, and is figuring out when I ask for a trot I mean to stay at a trot, not lope.  I have been asking her to lope from a walk and its getting clearer to her  think.  I skipped out on riding yesterday cause the roads were soo bad after going to the dentist I just wanted to go home.  So I did and was glad for a day off, maybe this afternoon will be better.


fernvalley01 said...

Wow! 30 pages ! sounds like a dedicated Scrap booker! I love to look at them but not so much to do them My co worker does them and she makes the prettiest cards.Glad you had a nice time and that Jardi was/is OK


Sounds like a wonderful day ! I had to retrain my pony as a kid to turn with a rider on him as he was a cart horse and only knew how to cross walk as if he was pulling a cart, it took a bit but he got it, other then that we had a blast together. My sister had a horse named Gypsy she was a beautiful big Rome and soo gental ! Now my sister has a Haflinger and are training in drasauge.She unfortunatly lives quite a distance from me but she tells me all about her and her horse through e-mail. Reading this post brought back alot of child hood memeories of horses and I thanks ! Have a great day !


Sorry sisters horse was Blue Rome !

CCC said...

I'm so glad you have Jardi. You have so much fun and learn so much over there.