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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still Cold and Snowy here

Yuck winter hasnt gone away yet!  I forgot how bored I get in winter if I am stuck in the house, no homebody here  unless I want to be, when I have to be, not so much fun.  I even contemplated going for a walk until I went out to feed the cats and check the horses and just about froze after five minutes!  yuck!

We have snow piled up in spots around the yard, just annoying enough to be where we want to walk.  It is clear for about halfway then a big drift with no way to get around it.  I guess it would work better if I got out my winter boots.  At least today I wore my cowboy boots instead of my crocs like yesterday, that was a mistake!

I did go out yesterday to town to pick up some hinges from the auto wrecker for the new hood for Neils truck and since I was already there I went riding ;)  I thought it was colder than it must have been because by the end of the ride, I had my coat and gloves off and was not even cold a little bit.  Probly helped the barn was full of horses too.  Razz was pretty good, all we worked on was trotting till she could make it around the arena without thinking of loping.  I did two sessions of trot, and she was getting pretty good after about half hour, so we quit before she got too warm and sweaty.  I think I need to ride her alone more so I can keep working on that without getting in any ones way.  She sure didn't like no rest times though, it was funny trying to quit and I keep her going, she probly like riding with others so we can take a rest sometimes.

I am almost got everything ready and the babies will be coming in this weekend and everyone else gets wormed and we will be ready for winter... maybe.   Got a feeder in for the babies, but got to get a bale to put in it.  I think I will keep Dinero in with them for a few weeks (till he gets super fat) to get them used to life in a coral.  I got to get halters on them and start working with them as well, good thing the weather is supposed to get warm next week again.

I am going to the craft sale in Cessford tomorrow to sell some jams I made as well as dishcloths my mommy made.  I'll let you know how it turned out, maybe I have a new business going on.


Linda said...

See you at the craft sale tomorrow......it is the "Christmas" sale and we need snow for that.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Crystal, thanks for visiting 5 starr's Farm, enjoy your comments. BRRR ! I like the shot of the hay............Stay Warm

5 Starr's Farm said...

Craft Fairs are Fun, Good Luck !

Shirley said...

So you have Bailey, Razz, Gypsy, and Dinero to ride- that should keep you busy this winter! Hope you do well at the craft fair.

fernvalley01 said...

Godd luck at the sale ,and STAY WARM!!!

lisa said...

Brrr, I am not ready for the white stuff but it sure does look pretty if nothing else. Good luck at the craft fair! Tell Linda hello for me ;)