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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Still Winter

Is it so wrong to want winter to be over already?  It has been here for a week and I'm sick of it already, if it would warm up a little bit it wouldnt be quite so bad, even with all this snow.

This afternoon I was supposed to go back to the dentist to get another cavity fixed, but my truck decided it didn't want to start, so here I am still at home.  I don't really enjoy going to the dentist, but I know I have to go back again later, so I would rather it get done when I can't get anything else done.

Our tractor needs a new battery too, it also said it was too cold out to start and the battery says charged, but there is no life to it.  Of course that means to way to feed the creatures cause Neil's feed truck is over at the neighbors getting a new hood and fender.  Another neighbor brought his truck over and fed the calves another bale till we can get something going around here.

I just hope the weather people are not lying when they say 0C (32F) on Thursday!  Oh and don't forget to enter the contest!  Draw is on Friday.


fernvalley01 said...

Yup , time for spring!!! I hear you on the cold starting of vehicles. We try to have an emergency pen set up ,just in case the tractor won't start , but we have way fewer animals than you

Linda said...

I hate to say it but it looks like it might be a long winter....sure hope I'm wrong.


What we used to do years ago on the farm in the winter for our vehicles was get block heaters and plug the vehicles in to keep the battery warm so they start. I know thats with the older vehicles any ways. Ya know what Canadian winters can be like, Over here in Ontario the winters havent been anything like they were 20 years ago, back then there was tons of snow about this time and it never let up till april, 15-20 foot drifts back then, back roads were non exictent and ya had to travel by snowmobile and no buses for school for days, those are the winters I remember. Have a warm day !

Cheyenne said...

Great photos!

Gosh, I laughed my brains out when you commented that it was only, ONLY -27 at your place...guess it was warm. hahaha!

lisa said...

Dentist, YUCK. Winter is even worse when you live in wide open spaces! Weeeell maybe not, we live in the mountains and we get wind but the trees love to pile the snow up a whole lot faster! It acts like a fence and stops the snow.

CCC said...


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Winter is so much more challenging when you have livestock depending on you to help them survive the winter.
Our temps dropped down to 12F degrees on Thanksgiving Day. It was frigid! Thankfully we only had an inch of snow to go with it, though.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving,