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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


On November 1st, i was declared the winner of a $75 gift certificate at CSN Stores.  I won it over at Linda's blog, Just Another Day on the Prairie.  She is a neighbor of mine and has a very interesting blog, go check it out.

I haven't been home much, but yesterday I finally picked out what I wanted and ordered it.  I really liked a few things that were not in stock so I didn't order them, like this end table

I really wanted something in stock that ships to Canada so I could get it soon.  Of course there were cool tables like this one as well.

I also looked at wine racks and seen some I liked. But finally settled on Anthony California End Table in Dark Oak and the shipping wasnt too much, although they do say Imy postal code was from a remote area and shipping needs to be calculated seperatly so I will see.

They have so many options there, and almost everything a person could need, but no horse stuff! 


Linda said...

LOL someone else left a comment about there being no horse stuff too....I love the top end table.....lots of cubbyholes and a great place for horse magazines;)

DayPhoto said...

OH! WONDERFUL! And I so like what you picked out! I think it would be something I would like!


fernvalley01 said...

I like the table you picked And congrats

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Congratulations. I love tables with lots of storage space. I think plain end tables or coffee tables with four legs and nothing but surface space are a waste when you consider how much people pay for a square foot of home.

Shirley said...

I still have a $40 gift certificate for CSN that I won, guess I'd better hurry up and pick something before it expires!