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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Touring the Countryside

Last week after my massage and Chiro and Dentist appointments in Hanna, I took the back roads down to Drum, scenic route they call it.

It was kinda a pretty view going down there.  Way better than last time I took that route.  It was so foggy I could hardly see the road in front of me, never mind the view.

I like how the road goes around corners and there are such pretty hills with trees on them up there. 

There are also some old barns and houses out there.  They look like someone just moved out except they are old, but in really good shape otherwise.

I love some of the views out there, you can look forever from up there.

And there was this cool sign I had to stop and get a picture of.

It was a fun day and a pretty drive, dont mind driving so much when I can see cool scenery.


CCC said...

I went a scenic route coming back from Jardi's once. That was interesting.

lisa said...

Sometimes I miss the wide open spaces! Lovely shots!