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Monday, November 8, 2010

Catching Up

Whew its been kinda crazy busy here and I havent posted in a while, but after this past week, I should be able to slow down a little bit and get back to normal.  It seems like my birthday has dragged on forever this year, I love my birthday, but wow it was takking forever.  I finally  got the picture of Gypsy in her new bridle.

I think it looks good on her, she seems to be okay with it, although I never have tried the one ear one, like I wanted to start with, but two ears are cute too.

I got a cute little shirt from Neils mom and Dad that Neil couldnt understand why I got it, lol.

Until I tried it on, he thoought it was meant for a little kid or doll or something, didn't realize it stretched to fit all  sizes.  My mom has one, so I knew already.  Ignore the pjs with it, lol.

I got these cool Eeyore 3-D placemats with notepad and lip gloss from my aunt Bonnie.

And this sandpaper file folder which I had no idea existed till my Mom got it, and pinking shears which I wanted forever, and the pliers and lighter which are just a bonus, pretty cool!  I always wanted a way to store sandpaper in my shop but never had a good system and I think this one might work.

I also got a couple lottery tickets which I havent checked yet, so I might have an even better present coming yet.  And my sister never got me a gift cause shes been crazy busy as well this week cause it was her sons birthday on Saturday and he got a hamster and is over the moon about it.


fernvalley01 said...

Great loot! I love thse popcorn shirts , tiny litle thing and they a comfy to wear too.They travel really weell too

DayPhoto said...

Hey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The shirt looks great by the way...if I ever get the last 30 pounds off me I want to get one also.


Shirley said...

Funny photo of Neil with the shirt! The bridle looks just fine on Gypsy- it would look fine on any of your horses!

lisa said...

That looks like a pretty cool birthday to me! Love the shirt (looks nice on him ;)

Linda said...

You should make Neil war that shirt to the next doo at Pokeyville ;) ;) ;)
Sounds like you had a good haul for your birthday:)

Janice said...

Great gifts,hey Neil looks good in black. Love the bridle.