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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I forgot to give a date when I am going to draw for the contest, so I guess it will be next Friday, the 26th. 

Still cold here, but a little warmer than yesterday, and they are saying by Wednesday it will be only -3C.  I cant wait, but if it gets above freezing, that means there will be mud, icky!  We have quite a bit of snow here, over top of my cowboy boots in most of my yard, we sometimes get that much snow, but not ussually in November, more like in April or May. 

I went over to K & K Livestock today and never even bought anything.  It was weird.  Jardi needed feed and a few other things, so she bought a bunch of stuff, so it wasnt a wasted trip.  And what else is there to do on a cold day here.

I went out this morning to see the babies cause I was feeling kinda bad for them, but as I got out there, they were snow covered and playing, so I guess I have no need t feel bad for them, but it just seemed so cold out.

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