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Friday, November 26, 2010

Yipeee, Warmer Weather

Well we finally warmed up!  It has been a long cold two weeks, sure glad that's over with.  I finally got to go riding yesterday and it was so good to be back there.  I sure miss them ponies when I don't want to be out in the cold.  Razz was very energetic again, and Jardi thinks I will have to start doing something more with her cause she is anticipating what we are gonna do next.  I try, but its hard when she wants to lope all the time and shes so sensitive that a leg on her she wants to go faster.  I have been trotting her lots (about 15 minutes) at a time doing circles when she wants to go faster until i can finally make it around the arena one time with out her trying to lope.  I think shes understanding its not going to always be walk, trot, lope, then we are done, but its hard to do it any other way.  Maybe I should lope her first before trotting then see how that works.  I haven't loped her the last two times and she still seems to want to.  I guess I will keep trying different things until I can figure it out. (this is Disco again, sure is hard to get good pics of a dark bay horse in winter, shes just a shadow)

Gypsy on the other hand is quite fun to ride in a group, because she is easy to speed up or slow down, depending on where others are so we don't catch up to them or them up to us.  It makes me feel pretty good to be able to do that because I remember being the one always jammed up because walk or trot was always one speed, usually the speed the horse wanted.   I thought I had a halter around here I wasn't using and would use it for Gypsy rather than the rope one she has now, but I went to put in on her and it was wayyy to small, not sure how that worked, cause it used to be Henry's and I didn't think he had that tiny of head.  Maybe I will try it again when its not so cold and dark, and I am more coordinated without gloves on.

I also got the babies in (and Dinero) because he thinks hes a baby and doesnt even think to pick on them, although he might not have been the best choice casue he has never spent the winter in the corrals at my house.  Im not sure what I was thinking leaving him out last winter as a yearling to fend for himself for food.  But it doesn't seem to have hurt him any, he was fat and he's tall, so I guess he did alright, and I fed them oats almost every day, so he had lots of advantages. 

I guess tommorow or the Sunday I may have to go get halters on them, I think that Jazz will just let me put one on her no problem, Jamaica may need a little smaller pen and not sure about Fly, he's kinda an independant fellow, not overly interested in humans.  But sometimes thats the easiest cause he isnt a pet, so we'll see.


Linda said...

I love halter breaking babies. The roads are terrible here...I tried going to the Hat this morning but turned around at Jenner......way to many idiots sliding sideways in the wind.


Heck not here we have howling winds , heavy rains and cold ,YUK! Good thing this weekend we are going to a christmas craft show woohoo there are over 100 venders I wont care about the weather then lol cause iz a be craft shopin ! Have a great weekend ! PS give fur babies a treat for me please ok. I miss having horses !

Janice said...

You write a lot or I just fall behind a lot.You are looking wintery.Love your puzzle. I relly liked your choices for last Sunday's challenge. Well done.Hope you have things running there now.

CCC said...

I finally got to leave the yard too. Isn't it great? The horses all look good.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like you've got a lot to keep you busy this winter.
Your photos are wild in that the sky and ground are basically the same color.


DayPhoto said...

Brrr. But oh so much fun to have the babies to work with. Windy here. I'm so tired of the wind.