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Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting Back On

So today I finally got back to the barn to go riding again.  I really wanted to go yesterday but it was so windy and I heard there was snow in Drum and roads were crappy so I stayed home.  But today it was -17 and I didn't know if I was gonna ride cause it was so cold.  But since the sun was shining I thought I would see anyways and I was going to town to pick up our beef anyways so going right by and it just seemed wrong to not stop.

So I got her out, she was happy to see me and come to the gate as always :)  I sure like that.  And I got her all tacked up and we went to ride.  I got on at the mounting block, lol.  Walking was good, and then I tried the trot.  That actually was good too.  I am sure my form was a little off cause I know I was leaning forward a little so I did not hit the back of the saddle.  So since I was feeling good I thought I would try the lope.  I figured it would hurt a little and boy did it ever, but I managed to make it one lap and then it was quitting time for me.  Whew I coulda quit after one step, but that woulda been unfair to Jessie I did not want her to think she was being bad so I made a lap in one direction only.  I did a little more trotting and noticed she was kinda sticking her head out to the right side, specially when going left, so I made her bend to the left a few times and she did that fine so I don't know what was going on there.

Until I pulled my saddle off and she was silly when I brushed her and so I checked her back and it is sore right behind her withers.  My first thought was her blanket but it has a neck so it cant pull behind there and so I wonder if it is either my English saddle not fitting right or else it happened when I fell off.  But after next Thursday I will get the Energy lady out and hopefully she can figure out something or I will need to find a chiro or massage therapist for her.


Marissa said...

Way to go getting back on, and not stopping the lope in order to tell her she was being good!

When you fell did the saddle roll at all? Does she have high withers? Maybe when you fell you put a lot of weight on one stirrup and it could have hit her withers? When I came off pony riding English, I was so hard in one stirrup when I lost balance that the saddle partially rolled when I came off haha.

Shirley said...

Good for you for getting back on and toughing out the lope. Sounds like you need bodywork more than your mare. She could be bruised from the saddle tipping as you fell.

cheyenne jones said...

Getting back on! Thats the ticket!