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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blogging Break

Well I guess I took a blogging break.  Never really intended to just got caught up in real life.  Umm Christmas was good everyone come out here for the day so it was kinda busy, not sure I want to do that again, having the people here was fine, but others  cooking in my kitchen I did not like, and even now there is stuff I don't know where it is.  For all you nosy people ;)  the big box was my present from Neil.  We had decided we were not gonna get gifts for each other this year and buy a new TV and TV stand but then he comes in with this big box for me and I kinda got in a panic cause I didn't really have anything for him.  So I just wrapped up a all hard soduko book and a scarf I had gotten a long time go for him but forgot to give him. So when I opened the box I was surprised to see a corner feeder filled with all kinds of goodies, from bubble bath to lotion to chocolates.  All good stuff.  And then he fessed up he broke one of my corner feeders in my pens and this was to replace it, lol.  I don't use them in the winter so I never noticed yet.

All other gifts were good as well, got a breadmaker and mmm homemade bread is so easy now :)  and a Eeyore housecoat, a horsey clock, a bunch of horse kitchen stuff.  oh all good things.  I was pretty happy.  And then me and my sister went boxing day shopping again. It didn't seem as busy this year, but it also was -23 all day so I think that kept some would be shoppers at home.  I finally got the TV stand I wanted with the fireplace in for less than half regular price and also bought a tablet (as well as some other smaller stuff).  Havent used the tablet much but it seems kinda cool, like a big phone without the phone part, lol.  We got the TV on New Years Eve and so that is all set up now as well.  We went to a friends house party and that was a lot of fun, I even played a game even though I am not much of a game player and I do have to admit it was fun.

In other life I been riding lots, started riding in my English saddle on Jessie so when I get on Kali (hopefully next week) I wonèt be totally out of sorts.  Its been going OK  if I could just relax it would probly be better but I keep thinking I am gonna fall off and then tense up, but its getting better each time.  I rode with a hunter jumper girl yesterday and she said my western bridle looks funny with my saddle, lol but I am just glad I don't have to worry about keeping her head correct cause she already knows that, I just have to think about staying on.
(sorry poor quality pic the light was in the wrong spot no matter how I stood)
Otherwise all is just getting back to normal here, I joined a picture a day group on Facebook and so that is interesting, even though I left my camera on New Years so I been using my phone and just not real happy with the pics it takes, they are alright but nothing compared to a real camera.  I kinda been skipping Sunday Stills, but not intentionally, just haven't been on here in a while and so missing out, but I do plan on still doing them.


cheyenne jones said...

Good, to have you back!

Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

Missed Ya!!

Country Gal said...
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Country Gal said...

Sounds like you all had a good Christmas . Oh what brand of bread maker I am looking for one and need to find out how it is ! Oh horsey kitchen stuff I like horsey stuff would love to see it ! All sounds awesome . Have a good day !

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a nice Christmas, and New Years. Nice to see you back

Paint Girl said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! I am like you and don't like other people in my kitchen! Even my OH can't put things back where they belong! Silly people!
That's great that you are doing a lot of riding. I wish I could say the same. Darn rain.

gtyyup said...

A wonderful Christmas!!! Wishing you a great 2013 too~