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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Well all you guys comment made me laugh yesterday about the mare.  I guess I shoulda explained her better.  She's the one I was talking about inthe post about Jazz, I said I was going to the auction sale of the people where I bought Razz from.  I mentioned (I think) that I didn't buy her but still had the option cause they took her home.  I waffled for a few days and finally made the choice and emailed her and asked is she would keep her till November fro me and hse said that would work well for her.  So I didnt just randomly buy a mare.  And shes the one Jardi's Dad liked and Jardi sure liked her breeding, so I have thought this out.

Anyways yesterday as I was riding Dinero and complaining he's kinda boring to ride cause all he does is go slowly and all I seem to do is kick on him and try and keep him going in a strait line.  Jardi said Dot was like that until she introduced her to cows and then she was energetic and actually moved out, whether in a arena or outside.  So that gives me a little hope on him.

Now that I rode Razz yesterday, I really want to go back and ride her again.  Weird how I was kinda afraid yesterday and forgot how much fun she is to ride.  Not an easy horse cause you really have topay attention on her, but its fun.

I may go over this afternoon and see her again, not sure I will ride today (although it wouldnt be hard to talk me in to it, lol) but my shoulder is killing me and I think I will go sit in the hottub in Drum for a few hours afterwards.  And maybe being out there will make me forget for a while how sore I am.


CCC said...

Hope your shoulder gets feeling better, nothing like a good hot soak.

Shirley said...

Chickory only likes to go slow right now too, but I think she will come to life if she has a reason to do something- like work a cow, or hit the trails. Have fun with Razz!