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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Trail Ride By the Coulee

Today I weaned Fly.  He was a little more upset than Jazz, however he settled pretty quick.  I took Gypsy over to Jardis and I also took Bailey cause I was told Gypsy was hard to load.  I have to disagree, cause she didnt even hesitate when we walked up to the trailer, she just walked calmly in and stood as I tied her in.

I turned her out with the mares who had just gotten food, but of course she wasnt interested, she acted the same as Razz a week earlier, just pacing the fence, calling and staring at me, making me feel guilty.

We went for a ride out along the coulee banks which I havent done all summer, Jardi rode Dot and Lu rode Sandy.

There is sure a lot to look at out there, and some places are pretty steep.

We saw some deer on this bank, but Bailey wouldnt stand still, so I got the shot of the bank after the deer moved on.

We also saw a moose, and I just got the tail end of her as she was leaving through the coulee.  She is in the middle of the trees, kinda in the open spot, shoulda zoomed in more, but Bailey was wiggly and I was worried it would end up blurry.

There are some really cool formations of rocks in the hoodoos that they have and just arent like that here. 

And also many different plants, like spruce  trees and junipers and tiger lillies, so different adn yet the grasses are quite similar.

And as I got home, Neil got the mail and Jamaicas papers were in there.  I hear they were changing the format, and I guess they did.

They look good, but totally different, differnt color, different direction on the paper, an dthe picture is on the back, which is kinda weird.  I actually wanted the name Jamaican Smoke, but I guess someone else must have picked it.


CCC said...

Wow those really are different papers. That Dot is quite the dotty girl too, eh?

Shirley said...

Kai's papers are like that. Did you know that you can go on AQHA's website and under horse research you can research foal names? I use it all the time for naming my babies.

lisa said...

I just told my hubby that you have some awesome country to go riding! He told me it was too darn cold up there!

Linda said...

Looks like a nice place to ride. They sure did change the papers....might be easier to read in the file folder;)