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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fence Fixin

Today I had a job to do, and this ws my tool.
(the quad)
This is what I was checking for
(missing staples)
And there was also some of this.
(broken wires)
Some parts the fence was in good shape.
(the wires are on the other side for the cows)

In some areas the grass was pretty sparse.
And in others it was trying not to turn brown.
And in some areas it was quite thick.

Some places it was easy to see the tire tracks.
(luckily they only go over this area once a year)

The view out there is very pretty.

I dropped of this from the quad.
(salt block)

Now its ready for my horses to move to thier winter pasture :)


lisa said...

Sure is nice scenery. Having an ATV sure has to be help full and sometimes a lot faster working to get fence done.

Linda said...

You're hired!!

fernvalley01 said...

Nice to still have lots of grass .Checking fences is easier on the quad for me too , nicer I guess on horse back, but you can carry more supplies on the quad