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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bringing The Cows Home Part 2

Toady we headed up to Stettler to get our last bunch of cows home.  We borrowed a neighbors stock trailer and took ours and on our way we went.

First off we stopped at Cactus Corner for breakfast.  I had eggs Benedict, a day can never be completely bad when you have a good breakfast.  From there we were gonna head up to the cows, but Neil had left his light on in the truck, we go out thinking the battery would be dead, but instead he has locked his keys in the truck.  He phones a locksmith who was on his way back to town and he lets him in and the battery wasn't dead! it started right up, whew dodged a bullet on that one.

We go through this cool tunnel every time we go up there, so I thought I should get a picture of it.

We go through the Battle River Valley twice, and the hills are actually really nice, not too steep and not too curvy.

We got up there about 1:30 is and the cows were pretty close so we got them in and since the trucker wasn't coming till about 5, we just sat in the truck and tried to nap, I was wishing I had my computer or a book or something to keep me occupied.  I had put my hip out, so sleep wasn't gonna happen.

 While I was standing on the fence taking the pic of the cows, I looked at Neil and had to laugh, he looked so short so I tried to make him stand closer to get a better pic, but he just pointed his stick at me and said no way, so I took it from where he was, lol.

About 4, Neil looks up and the cows had escaped cause he didn't tie the gate good enough.  So we got them in again and this time sorted the calves from the cows.  There are some really big calves up there.Our "horses" for the day were done too, as mine wouldn't start again. Not like a real horse which I would prefer anyday over theses ones.

Finally at 7 ish, the truck shows up, they load pretty good and we are on our way. I had to stop in Castor to get more fuel, those Chevs just don't have as big a gas tank as the Dodge and it won't make it there and home on one tank.

We got home and everyone unloaded by 10:30 and way too long a day for me.  I am kinda partial to yesterday when the day ended almost 12 hours earlier!


lisa said...

Oh, boy, that is a long day! But sounds like things turned out not too bad, besides having to have a locksmith;)

CCC said...

You never said anything about a sore hip. You're the best. Thanks again.