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Monday, October 4, 2010

Canadian Supreme

This past week I spent up in Red Deer at the Canadian Supreme.  It was so much fun, but exhausting.  The best of the best seem to show up at shows like that. 
I met quite a few interesting people and on Sunday Bill Collins was there.  Amazing man.
I was working up there (volunteering really).  Working in the reining pen and cowhorse pen.

We saw cutting, this mare reminded Neils cousins of his horse at home.   There was also reining, but I never got any pics of it cause I actually took all these on Sunday when we went up.

There were many appaloosas there as well, Jardis mare Dot is a half brother or sister to everyone there (almost).  It was kinda fun the different names they could think of that have High or Sign and a few with Nugget in it.  There was a different name-Have a Drink on Me.  Not sure where they came up with that name.  Also Signed Prescription, and Too High to Qualify.

This one was pretty good, and had probly the coolest name there Flhigh(fly) for a White Guy.  Ridden by Les Timmons, so of course he was good to watch.

There was also this cool looking one with all the spots on his one leg joining up to a solid spot.  His name was Ike Aint Be High.  Ridden by Geoff Hoar.  I guess he was only started in February, so he did amazing for 8 months riding.

There was also High Cash Signing ridden by Jim Dobler in the Non pro class.  Its amazing to me how much they all look like Dot (and I don't mean the coloring)  And they act like her, kinda cool.  Ther was many others, but of course I didn't get them all.

This mare, which I ws watching and forgot to get pictures till she was out the door, was a half sister to Jardis stud Tangle, out of Yellow Roan of Texas.  Shes way bigger than him, but she seemed to work well.  Her name was A Little Texas Style.

This mare is the one who won the class we were watching.  Her owner was sitting behind us and was pretty excited about her.
This is the only other Appaloosa at the show(that I seen) that wasn't related to High Sign Nugget.  She did alright as well, winning reserve in her class.

There were some amazing moves, pretty quick- I think you need good balance to ride one of these horses.

And you better be prepared for your horse to have to really run, some of them cows were pretty zippy (i borrowed that word off one of the cutters and it seems to fit perfectly, I woulda said they were kinda wild, but zippy sounds nicer.)

Sure is nice when a horse is flashy as well as good riding.

We went for supper on Friday night instead of heading to the horse sale, cause we both knew we weren't gonna buy anything and i was heading home that night as well, and she asked me if I had the cowhorse bug yet. I said I don't know if I can afford it, and she says theres a lot of smaller shows around as well.  I do definitely think it would be a lot of fun, bu what worries me most is worrying about where the fence is and not running hard to it or slowing down too soon, it looks like its coming up awfully fast sometimes.

All in all I had a good time and will definitely go back next year.


Shirley said...

The Alberta Reined Cowhorse Association has lots of entry level classes, and the shows are a lot of fun. There is a link to their website on Northern Horse.com
Looks like there were some good runs. I like watching John Swales, and of course, Mr. Showman, Les Timmons.

fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a great show.Thanks for all the spotty pics

Linda said...

Great pic's Crystal. I forgot it was even on....some year I'm actually going to make it.

CCC said...

I've had a lot of respect for Bill Collins for a lot of years.