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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Yesterday Jardi come over to pick up more bales and have coffee.  When I answered the door, she handed me a datebook.  I couldn't figure out what it was about.  But i guess when you work at the Supreme, everyone gets a datebook as a thank you.  I guess I can take that off my Christmas list.

Well onto today, I went over to ride and it had rained over there which was okay as I didn't know if I wanted to ride outside.  I rode Dinero in the arena and he is looking better, he was even kinda energetic, so I asked him for a lope and he did it.  Only about 8-10 steps, but not bad since I knew he doesn't like the one side of the arena.  So I asked him to do it a few times each way and we quit.  I was pretty happy with that.

(Belle is always the first to notice me when I go out there)
I also got brave and rode Razz.  I was a little worried about her cause shes so sensitive, I asked Jardi to ride her, but she thought I should cause i know her better.  I did agree, but was kinda nervous.  So we took her in the arena and made her jog a couple times around and turn herself around and she was so good, so I got on her and asked her to bend both ways and we walked a couple steps and stopped and she was good both times.  So we just walked and turned and did a couple rollbacks (at a walk) and backed her up a little.  she was very good, cant wait to go back and ride her again :)

(I got my own Mustang:)
Jardi said Charlene was gonna take some lessons on the flag and asked if I wanted to and I said I would like to with Razz but I should probly ride her a few more times before we do that.  She said Charlene wanted to ride Ricky a few more times too, so well see.  Jardi also figured Gypsy would be kinda fun on the flag as well, we will have to see how she rides before I decide that.

All in all I thought it was a productive day....Oh and I also bought that mare, here's her link.  Play Like Disco.  But I don't pick her up till November.  She should be fun.  Broke as a cutter, ready to show, but never was.  I plan on riding her, might be sooner than I thought cause I don't think shes bred even if she was exposed.  I will have to check I guess.


Shirley said...

Whaddya mean you bought that mare? You never mentioned this one! Holy cow is she bred nice! You should have a lot of fun with her if she is as cowy as her pedigree suggests.

CCC said...

: ) You're a Character! A smart one I think.

fernvalley01 said...

Nice mare! I like how you just tossed that bit of info in at the end!

Crystal said...

Lol, shes the one that was at the auction sale I was looking at, just hadnt decide if I wanted her, but I couldnt turn her down at $1500.

Ann Nichols said...

Such an interesting life!! You wrote, "Oh, and I also bought that mare..." I mean, as if that's an every day occurrence for most people of the world!! For me it seems like one of the purchases of a life time. I so admire you ranch ladies, your life, your outlook on everything and how you do the most amazing things in a single day. The real life... Thanks so much for letting someone like me (city girl who in another time and place might possibly have been a ranch girl) share in even this small part of it!
PS I'm following ya!

Linda said...

Glad you got you mare! I haven't seen Kim's dayplanner anywhere yet this year. I always get Terril one for Christmas.