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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Running out of tittles

Yesterday I never actually made it to the hot tub, lol. oops.  I went over to see my ponies and I brushed and fed them, and I called Charlene to see if she was coming up, she said she was just getting the color washed out of her hair and would be up after that, so I waited and waited, and she showed up later and we rode in the arena, but by then the pool was closed so I just grabbed pizza and went home.

While I was up there waiting, I heard some geese in the slough, so I went to see and there are like 200 over there, I got a far away picture.

Then I tried to get closer, but they heard or seen me and started flying away. 

So I took a walk down there and seen an old doghouse that looks so out of place in the junk pile.  It still had the rope on it and the pillows from the inside.

I also saw this pretty purple flower that was growing out there, and its probly a weed, but it was nice anyways.

I turned around and saw Nic, no wonder this horse is always getting hurt, he just does silly things, like sticking his head out between the boards, of course it was cute too.

And these three characters looking to see what I was doing, Tom, Ricky and Blot.

And  the donkey who is so soft.

And a tone of this going down the road, we don't farm here, just ranch, so we don't have to worry about combining, but many farmers are having a tough time getting their crops off dry enough to store.  It sounds like it will be decent weather for the next few days, so hopefully a lot of it will get done.

My Chiro said I was definitely out and he fixed me, and the massage guy said its not my hip, its my knee.  I guess the LCL is inflamed and it travels up the IT band and makes my hip  sore even if there was nothing there.  So I go back next week and hopefully that's all.


CCC said...

I love the looks of that donkey's funny white belly. I'm soo glad I'm not a farmer. But the weather seems to be holding for now.

Shirley said...

Does Charlene own the donkey too?
Looks like somebody has a thing for sorrels with lots of chrome!

fernvalley01 said...

That Donkey picture is great! Hpe your knee/hip gets feeling better

Linda said...

That's an aster of some sort. I just commented the other day that I haven't seen many geese this year.....I guess you've got them all;) Hope you get fixed.

lisa said...

Donkey's belly looks soft;) We have a lot of geese flocking together here also!