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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Horses (and a cow)

Well Its been a while since I posted about my babies, they are getting so big and still so cute!  Dinero still thinks he is a baby, hanging around them all the time.
When we weaned, the horses got moved to the south winter pasture, but I moved them back to the summer pasture before we preg checked cause its easier to get the cows out of the winter pasture than the creek, they weren't very happy to be back in the old grass again, even if there is lots to eat out there.  George and Bailey kept staring at the gate to the other psture.
Jamaica is getting braver and braver, he will follow me around whenever I am out there, he still not sure if I he should let me touch him, but im awfly close.  Jazz on the other hand, won't leave me alone till I scratch her.
The other day I was out at Jardis and she has some people interested in Billy, so she asked if I would take some pics of him.  She doesn't like this one cause he has no hip, but I think he looks pretty so I included it too.
She prefers this one of him, Billy thought it was his easiest day of work ever, he just got cleaned up, saddled and bridles, his picture taken and he was turned out, it was funny!  he couldnt believe that was all.
And Suprise suprise, we had a calf on the 27th out of our yearlings.  Kinda a bad time of year for her, but it will sure be a big calf next fall!


CCC said...

Awwwh, tiny baby. Sure appreciated your help the other day, thanks again.

fernvalley01 said...

We haven't had a surprise calf for a few years , but the odd one does sneak by you .The babies look wonderful!

Linda said...

Yikes, it could be a cold winter for that little fellow.

gowestferalwoman said...

oh, i wanna just make a little down jacket for that little guy!

Nice horses ~ they are getting ready for winter with their fur coats!