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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Jessie is sorrel.  I'm sure everyone could figure this out if you are not colorblind or have a monochromatic computer.  Like the one we had when I was in school, they are all in orange writing and there was no pictures.  But anyways.  Seems like sorrel is a very commen color of quarter horses, think I heard somewhere that like 70% of them are sorrel.  Although that might have changed recently with all the popularity of dilute genes people keep breeding for.  Which are not my favorites, but I guess they sell.  Anyways off topic again.

I have never really rode a sorrel horse for more than a few times.  I kinda like it.  Looking down and seeing the red, very pretty.  I have a friend who thinks red is the best color of horse and I can see why now. 

Although I do notice more recently, well last summer I really noticed.  That I don't really care so much about the color of a horse anymore and in fact don't notice it so much any more.  I really noticed last summer cause everyone jokes about me riding the paint, and I don't even think of it anymore. 

I still think my favorite color is bay, but there sure are a lot of other nice horses in all colors.  This weekend when my Mom was I out I took her out to see Jessie and since she is not a horse person, she just kept looking at the dark brown and black horses cause that was what hers looked like many many years ago.  I don't think she understands I didn't buy her for her color,  bought her for her skills.  I notice a lot of that around too when people ask me what she looks like or they see her, thier first comment is how much crome she has.  Kinda bothers me that is all they can see.

My mom did like that she was so friendly and she came when I called her (which I dont know why she did cause she ussually doesnt)  And she just stood around and let us scratch her as long as we wanted :)  And when I rode yesterday me and Charlene were playing the game where one is the cow and one is the horse and when Jessie was the cow, I tried to get her to just turn without stopping and she couldnt do it.  It was kinda weird and you can really tell her training is well taught and I am glad of that.


Shirley said...

I did have a comment yesterday on this post, but blogger must have eaten it.
My husband loves sorrels with lots of chrome, he'd love your Jessie. I don't breed for color, but for disposition and athletic ability, and believe that a good horse is never a bad color. That being said, lots of folks want to ride a good, pretty horse as compared to a good, plain horse, so color does indeed help sell a horse. It's a good thing not everyone likes the same color! My all time favorite color is blood bay, you know, that deep red bay that shines metallic in the sunshine.

fernvalley01 said...

I love a copper red horse , call it sorrel or chestnut, when they shine like a penny it just makes me happy

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I have to admit, I do love me some chrome on a sorrel horse, so Jessie is my favorite kind of sorrel.

I used to be a dun horse junkie, but have long sense gotten over any notion of having a 'favorite' color.