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Friday, February 17, 2012

Wednesday on Friday

Well we had a change of plans, which worked out well for me since I wasn't sure I wanted to show yet anyways.  Char headed to Regina this weekend and so we aren't working buffalo's this week or going to the show.

But she did ask me to ride Dude a couple times since she wont be riding for at least 6 days and thinks he needs to be kept in shape cause we do want to do lessons next week.  That should be kinda fun even though I never rode him before it will be neat to see how different he is from Jessie.

Hehe there are a couple dogs hanging around the barn too, one is a border collie and she is really friendly and more of a pet than anything which works there cause she has no desire to chase horses.  And then there is this other dog there not sure what kind he is, I think a jack russell mix of some sort.  He is really cute and makes me laugh everytime I go out there.

And on Saturday I am gonna ride with Lu so that will be kinda fun too, been a long time since I got to ride with her so I'm kinda excited to see how her horse is.  He is a nice looking bay and seems pretty quiet.

I took a couple short videos of the colt playing and he is quite athletic in the second video he is doing pretty cool moves, but the neatest part is the color of the hills behind him, it was so orange, I think it must have been the sun was setting on the other side and reflecting.


Cheyenne said...

Great stuff! Loved the vids!

Country Gal said...

Awesome ! Love the videos. Pooches are cute ! Have a great day !

Shirley said...

There'll be other shows. That colt looks big! He sure floats along, a nice moving horse.