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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Practice Practice Practice

Some days I wonder if I really want to cut.  Especially days when I get to go on a nice relaxing trail ride or even days I get to do ranch stuff.  And even on days like today.  I don't really want to ride today cause I have a toothache and my mouth is sore.  But I know I can't compete if I don't have a horse that is in shape or we just risk injury.  So we ride pretty much everyday.  And its boring.  We don't have much to practice cause we are just keeping them in shape.  Walk, trot, walk, lope, walk, trot, walk.   Pretty boring.  But necessary.  Especially with Jessie all I have to do is make sure she stops when I sit and its all good.  Charlene does a little more with Dude cause he gets lazy in his rollback so she practices them and the circle back exersize, but I don't do that much cause Jessie just does it soo good everytime.

And we are now entered for the Sunday show in Ponoka so I guess I better ride today and we have a lesson tomorrow with Doug.  Which is good cause everytime I go for a lesson and get to work cows, I remember why I do this.  Nothing else even compares to the feeling when its going good and the feeling like the cow will never get past us :)  So I guess I better practice so I can work more cows.

We went and worked buffalo on Sunday and it was a good day.  Jardi was over with Tangle and Candice and Mig and Greg and Heartbreaker and Gregs brother, Brad come and rode too.  He used to ride with Guy Heintz and so he helped us out a little and it was a fun day with all of us there.  Wish we could do it more often like that.  Even though I prefer cows to buffalo (cause I'm better on cows, lol)  I figure if we can work a buffalo then a cow should be easy.  And I had much better luck with Jessie on Sunday she was watching a little better and had better stops.

I am still learning how much to warm her up before we go work.  Seems if we lope and I sit and she stops right away she is ready to work if I have to help her stop she needs more loping.  It's hard to know how much to do.  Charlene's horse can probly be loped for hours before cause he gets so excited, but Jessie not as much but I don't know if too much would be bad for her either (as long as she isn't super tired)


Country Gal said...

The practicing may be boring but the end result will be fun ! Have a great day !

Rising Rainbow said...

i've heard that buffalo can be tougher than cows. They don't get tired or bored as easily. Someday maybe I will get to see for myself. in the meantime I am going to live vicariously through you.

Shirley said...

Yeah, the boring stuff goes along with the exciting stuff. Hope you do well at the show.