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Monday, February 13, 2012

Riding, Riding, Riding

I have been so busy just riding everyday (well except today I needed a day off).  I am really having a lot of fun riding her, but it is a lot of work.  On Saturday we went up to a bigger arena and we rode in there with another girl (Candice) who wants to come to Doug's for lessons and to the clinic we are going in in March.  Oh I am going in a clinic in march.  It is the same one we went to last year but with different instructors.  Sounds like Dustin Gonnet and Gerry Hasma leading it so it should be good.  I am pretty happy to be able to go with a horse that I can actually cut on.  Candice has a 4 year old that she showed in cowhorse last year (and did pretty good)  but she thinks he really would make a nicer cutter so she is gonna give him the chance to do that.

We also got Jessie and Dude's feet done on Saturday and she looks so much better now.  I was torn between putting shoes on cause I didn't want to cause its still icy out and could get worse. But the vet and the previous owner said to keep shoes on when showing and stuff.    But the farrier said he wouldn't if it was his horse, so we are waiting.  And the clinic is in the next 4 weeks so that is before she is due again.  Oh and we might go to a show on Saturday. I am not sure I am ready, I think Jessie is in good enough shape but me I am not sure about.  But this week, tomorrow and Thursday I think we are gonna hopefully go work buffalo's.  That should be interesting.  I imagine Jessie has seen buffalo but I have never even worked her on the flag so I am a little worried about that too.

At the barn there is a lot of cats (probly 10) and they are not afraid of the horses at all.  The horses are getting used to them but Jessie tries to snort at them when they get too close.  When we feed them the cats all sit around the dish and she snorts them away, its really funny.  I tried to get a video but it is kinda dark. 

The other day the cats knocked a blanket off the wall and both our horses spooked at it it was kinda funny cause Jessie was really close and she just lifted her head but Dude was down the aisle and he really jumped.  I think it will eventually desensitize them more.  The one cat likes the horses to rub their noses on him, its weird.


Shirley said...

Is it an ARCHA show? Those are good ones for your first time showing.

Have fun working the buffalo; lucky you going to a Gerry Hansma clinic.

Crystal said...

no, we are not cowhorsing, just cutting.