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Monday, December 8, 2014

Hanna Rodeo Parade

One of the things I've done while I was missing was the Hanna Rodeo Parade.

Again this year I wanted to ride in the Hanna Rodeo Parade.  Its an all horse parade and its always fun.  81 horses in it this year both ridden and in wagons.  I always think its a fun day and everyone's horse behaved well.  I don't know a lot of the people who ride in it but its fun anyways.
(thats the lady who bought Henry)

There was a few things the town or other businesses wouldn't allow which was a bit silly, like the Westview motel has a big gravel/weedy parking lot that is always used for parking and this year even though it was empty wouldn't let anyone park there said they would tow.  So no biggie we all parked in the IGA parking lot but was silly.  And the town wouldn't let them block off main street for an hour for the parade so traffic was still going down it...really people this is Hanna go around a block its not that big a deal, we figure if Calgary can pretty much shut down downtown all morning for their parade it shouldn't be a big deal but I think that might have been the organizers fault.  Even the cop who came to lead the parade had no idea of the route?????  It was weird.  And I know a lot of people who won't eat at the Westview after that.

But it was all good once we finally got going, was a bit slow at first and Jess thinks we should walk faster but she settled in well and we just went along.  Its kinda cool how we go in the parking lot of the lodge and hospital and so the old people who can't get outside can see the parade too.  Same route as last year but the villas and parks.  I saw more riding through town than I usually see when I go to town, lol never go on those streets.

It was kinda cold and that was sad cause I wore such a pretty shirt, but no way was I taking off my coat, I wish I had wore gloves as well, oh well maybe next year will be warmer.  Afterwards the IGA had a free lunch of beef on a bun and coffee/pop for everyone it was good.  The Roundhouse had a spaghetti western, spaghetti meal and then a John Wayne movie afterwards, if it didn't start 2 hours after the parade we probly woulda gone to it, but Neil wanted to get home and get some stuff done so we left.  There was a video of it on Facebook, but I don't know how to get it over here even though I would like to.


Country Gal said...

Wonderful photos ! Looks like you had fun . That is nuts about the parking I mean what is it for any other time DUH !!on their part lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Was the parade mostly horses? Our small town back in Nevada used to have an annual parade to celebrate the businesses in the area, but the majority of it was made up of fire trucks and tractors running their sirens and tooting their horns. Not many horses. We actually stopped taking our kids to it, because it was so loud that they would cry. I'd love to see a horse, and only horse, parade.

Shirley said...

It's fun riding in parades, glad you got to do that on your good horse.

lisa said...

Wonderful, you are lucky to be able to have that kind of thing. Glad that you had a good day!

Crystal said...

Nuzz Muzz its all horses, no vehicles or anything else except the cop car who led it