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Monday, February 1, 2016

Jan 30th Show

Saturdays Show was much better than last time.  Sure is nice not having to leave home til 8:30 :)  Its a little more than 2 hours there and I just show up and when its time I saddle my horse and get him ready.  I forgot to ask if I had to enter so I just did and went back on Wednesday (entries close Tuesday night) and found out I was now entered twice.  Hmm well wouldn't have been all bad but by the end of the week it was all changed around another lady wanted my second spot so she took it and I was back to just being entered once.

I felt much more comfortable out in the show pen.  Still made a few mistakes of course.  I need to stop harder out there like I do at home.  I had my reins a bit tight and so got a reining penalty and then I had a hot quit on my second cow.  I guess I waited too long and he started moving before I put my hand down. And I can tell in the video I stopped a bit short a few times.  Oops but all in all still a better show.  And I had no trouble cutting out of the herd that was nice.  I figured out why I have trouble, at home we pick a cow for me to cut but at the show we are supposed to pick after they are out top.  But its coming I'm figuring it out and Doug's been great, he gave me a cow after they we out this time and that worked a lot better.

I also took a pic of my score sheet but its a bit fuzzy but close enough.  I got a 63, not a bad score, sure not good enough to win anything but at least its a score :)
(WS Hesastar cause he really is a star :) 6th down )

(and the bruise on my arm from hitting the saddle 
trying to keep my hand down, doesn't really hurt just looks ugly)

Today is a new month, a day off and we are heading to Lethbridge to visit Neil's cousin and will be back riding on Wednesday.


Shirley said...

Very cool video! You look pretty comfortable on that horse, he's a good fit for you. Keep on improving!

lisa said...

You will be a pro before you know it! Keep up the good work.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That was a fun video to watch. I love it when the cow and the horse have a staring contest. The cow is like, "Why won't you move out of my way. I'm trying to get back to my herd."

With a Western Twist said...

Glad you had a better show than last time! I need your videographer, mine refuses to get out of the stands, so I always get my videos from one angle ;)

Janice L. Grinyer said...

Your horse loves his job - it's so much fun to see "intent" on his face as he stares down those cows!

4RRanch said...

You looked so much more confident and comfortable. Way to go. Totally looks like fun.