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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Busy Busy

Been a crazy but fun few days around here.  Last week I went riding Wednesday and Thursday, odd to go 2 days in a row I usually don't but I had weekend plans.  We worked the flag both days as it was kinda cold and the outdoor pen got real soggy from the melting then it froze again so he was working it and trying to get it to dry out.

I took a scrapbooking weekend, every February we go to Sundre to this wonderful place that has a pool and hot tub, fabulous food and of course some scrapbooking.  I spent a lot of time in the pool and hot tub, I really would love a pool at home but Neil hates swimming so probly  not ever gonna happen, although he did say he wouldn't mind a hot tub so that's progress.  I did get all the pictures I took along done and that was nice, I coulda brought more but I like finishing :)  There was 10 of us there that worked really well visiting with people I don't see very often too.
(Not my picture, but I love this area) 

(again not mine, but the pool and eating area behind it)

(and again not mine but the room me and my aunt shared)

(this is mine, I don't know is she wanted her face shown 
but she went down the slide, what fun we had!)

(And we drove around town to find this house,
 my mom wants to paint her door this color)

Then yesterday had another lesson and it was 11*C out so my boy got a bath after our ride.  His own fault lol.  He was kinda a dork when I warmed him up.  He hadn't been rode in a few days which is fine and we went to the indoor (mostly so I can use the fence to get on) and rode in there for about 15 minutes, then we went outside to finish warming up and he say the helper walk by the fence and then jumped sideways when he passed the gate, ugh.  So we worked harder and then a few more laps of loping he jumped at the other gate at the steer who was there for the last 10 rounds.  Ugh again.  Sometimes the athletic ability of a cutting horse is not a benefit to me!  But I stayed on and rode him more (till I was tired) then we worked cows, 2 were nice slowish and not too turney then the third was really turney, she was pretty playful, I felt kinda like a ragdoll but always got back in position and then the 4th cow was just fast, she liked to run around the pen which was just what I needed, we went fast and stayed at her head and stopped when she stopped and went again.  Its hard to think so fast but it was good.  And since so warm and so much work he got a bath, which meant he didn't get to go outside but he likes his barn so it was all good.  Then afterwards I met a friend in town and we went for a walk, was supposed to be some run but it was too icy out, glad the weather is warmen now we can get outside and walk again.
(hes so chill about it, not his face though, 
but I think we can get that too soon enough, 
helps when the water was warm too)

And today I went down and delivered my Sean Ryon saddle.  Kinda sad to see it go, I really liked it was so comfy.  But didn't fit Easy so it was the right choice, I think this Roo will fit Jess too so all's well.   Finally got to meet Shayla and her 2 horses, she even offered we go for a ride so I got to ride her giant Allie horse.  What a star even if her feet were tender on the rocky ground.
(Can't believe its February with these temps!)

(sun was so pretty on the way to pancake supper tonight, 
even with power lines in the way)

And back to riding Easy tomorrow :)  Gotta get ready for the show Saturday.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That place looks like heaven. I'd love to belong to a group that does fun hobbies together and short retreats. I nice excuse to get away.

Shirley said...

Beautiful place for sure! I foresee a hot tub at your place :0)
Allie is a rock star, isn't she? Glad you finally got to visit with Shayla.
She loves that saddle too!
Hope we get an early spring, I gots plans!

lisa said...

Looks like a fun time. I keep wanting the hubby to put in a sauna at our place. He even wants one.(someday) Good luck on Saturday.

Linda said...

I'd like a hot tub but the Bossman won't even consider it. I wondered if there'd be a pancake supper in PV...I would have gone had I'd known. I was hoping it would freeze last night and was warmer today and maybe I could ride here at home.....not happening yet.

Country Gal said...

Looks and sounds like you had a great time and that place is lovely looking to . Glad all went well and you enjoyed it all ! WOW ! that is nice and warm . Lovely photos and video . Thanks for sharing , have a good week !