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Thursday, February 18, 2016


On Tuesday I had a lesson and it was well nothing special just a day on the flag, then it was so nice out I thought I'd go out to the hayfield and meet the other 2 ladies who were riding out there for a cool down.  Well there was a puddle with a chunk of ice in it and Easy figured that was too much  and I didn't wanna fight so we went around it, then a trench where water was draining and he had a real good look, I was ready for him to leap over it and no he just took big steps over it so that was good.  Sure was nice out there I coulda rode out all day.  On my way over, just a few miles north of our house I saw 4 elk.  We have been getting more and more here all the time but we hadnt seen any since our bunch of 37 left in December sometime.  Of course no camera so you get a cell phone pic.
(Elk, they still have antlers)

Wednesday and today were spent helping my neighbors video bulls for their bull sale coming up in March.  Pretty slow work but its always interesting to listen to them talk about the genetic behind each bull.  Some were really nice others just nice, they seem to be getting better every year.  Doesn't really matter if I like them anyways haha since they are black and we have red cows.  But they have good cows and pretty quiet and you could tell.  I was essentially a gate who kept the ones not done from the done ones and then brought a new one when needed.
(Hanging out in the alleyway)

Back to lessons tomorrow as long as the rain we are getting now doesn't make all the roads a skating rink by morning.


Linda said...

The elk that were hanging around here have disappeared...maybe they went to your place...you can certainly keep them up there though.

Shirley said...

After working the Rimbey Auction Market, I appreciate quiet bulls!
Did you know that shed elk antlers are worth some pretty good money?

fernvalley01 said...

yay for quiet cattle! too many years we needed a clown barrel around here!