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Saturday, February 13, 2016

3rd Winter Series Show

Today was another show day.  I didn't go to practice yesterday cause the weather was miserable.  Kinda nice that my trainer rode him for me and got him ready, but also weird not to ride the day before a show.

Again never left till 8 am, that sure is nice!  Got there and the first class was still going.  Could leave later since I know the show list and I am way down but it stresses me out not knowing where they are and how long till I go.  So I go and sit there and drink my coffee.  Hardly know anyone so not much visiting which is fine, I'm not really that social.  Kinda wish I was and could talk to anyone like Neil can.  But not so so I sit by myself.   Louisa visited for a while  but she busy riding too.
(Practicing with my camera)

(Love this stop)

(getting down)

When it was 2 herds before I went I got him all saddled and the hired guy loped him, that's so nice!  He woulda loped him till it was time for me to go in the ring but that's weird for me too so I got on him 4 before my turn.  He was acting grouchy and I couldn't figure out why.  He was itchy so I let him itch his face and we put boots on and I never use boots but hes had them on before.  I made sure the cinch wasn't pinching and it seemed fine and then he kinda settled a bit and then was time to go in.

Didn't have anyone to video so nothing this time :(  But the first cow we cut was good to get out of the herd, she just kinda cut herself like they are supposed to....or maybe it was me helping too I dunno.  I thought we were way off course so I picked up my hand and turns out we were fine so I got a penalty for that.  And one for losing our working advantage on the same cow, not sure what that really is, I am gonna ask when I go back Tuesday.

The second cow same thing she was easy to cut out and worked really well.  Was pretty slow but I like slow cows, easier for my brain to understand.  No real mistakes there.  The third cow I cut out the front one, like I'm supposed to do and didn't pick a cow and go with it.  That's hard for me but I'm learning.  Helps to have someone telling me that all the time out there too.  My herd help is great.  I really only notice the 2 at the back talking to me, the front 2 are to push the cow towards me if its not moving or slow it down or turn it off me if I need help.  I don't know what they do cause I don't notice them out there yet.  But I'm thinking not a lot as I don't need fast cows pushed at me right now.
(my score sheet, 4th down, WS Hesastar)

(tired pony at the trailer 
really wanting to steal hay but hes been told NO)

Anyways ended up with a 68, best score I have ever got, but I was still 6th out of 14 in my class and they only pay till 4 :(  But still improving so maybe next time will be a paycheck at the end :)

And then after we cooled out and I went to take hi saddle off I just touched the back cinch and he sucked up his belly.  Well shoot someone sucked it up tight and he doesn't like that.  I shoulda looked but I didn't.  What a good boy to do all the right stuff even if he was uncomfortable.


Shirley said...

Sounds like you are improving with every show! I think Easy is just the right horse for you, he's sure building your confidence.

4RRanch said...

Congratulations on your continued improvement. You sound a lot like me on the social scene. Very hard for me to talk to people. Looks like you have a great horse there.

TeresaA said...

I know nothing about this sport but it sure looks like fun

Country Gal said...

Looks like all had a good time . I can be a social butterfly or not depends on my mood lol ! 6th is great good for you both .The main thing is you both have fun and seems like you do . I haven't been to any horsey show for years , I used to go to out door horse shows in the summer and photograph them as they had many different classes and events I enjoyed it and just may go this summer we will have to see ! Thanks for sharing lovely photos ! Have a good week !

With a Western Twist said...

I was so happy when I heard your score over the sound system! Wish I could have seen it/video'd for you. If we are in different sets or you are after me next time and you don't have anyone coming out I can definitely video you!! (or get those danged lopers to do it for you haha that's part of the job description isn't it??)