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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Deary Thursday

Thursday, my only day off this week and its dreary out.  Was so nice earlier this week that I somehow expected nice forever.  Haha.  I can only wish.  I saw a picture on Facebook saying I'm giving up winter for Lent.  Oh if only that could be true.

Went for a lesson again yesterday, seems that's all I do anymore.  But its fun sure gets me out of the house for winter anyways.  We decided (maybe) I will probly bring Easy home after the winter series and just ride him out here for a month or so and then see how it goes.  Ill probly still go over for some lessons and see maybe go to some shows then but I'm not in a race for the buckle or anything this year just wanna ride and show and not be last all the time.

I stayed after to visit and there was a guy there I never met before and boy he had some good stories, he could have a film crew following him around and make for entertaining TV, not that there is anything much to compete with on TV these days.  We been watching Oak Island and Museum Secrets and I like some of the Alaska series but that's about all.
(the tail knot I do so he doesn't step on it when we work cows, 
I wanna try the mustache knot but I'm not that good at it yet)

I'm entered in the show Saturday and should be fun, we warmed up inside yesterday, lots of people there so I didn't rush but we were warm and he was lazy.  Until we went outside I could feel fresh coming out and so we loped a few laps outside before the cows got in but we coulda done a few hundred more before we started.  Well it was interesting, but good he still did the right stuff just a lot more enthusiastic about it.  Of course we messed him up by picking the slowest cow ever and so he had to wait on her.  I like her.  Haha it gave me time to think before just all over the place all the time.  Then another slowish cow and then I picked a fast one.  She was good though not too pushy and we actually had control of her for a while, that was cool like I could do no wrong,  and then she messed me up and was in control again.  Oh well short lived but fun.


Shirley said...

I watch Oak Island too. I'm also watching the final season of American Idol, I hope Geneve wins.
Hope you do well at the show this weekend!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Sounds like we have similar tastes in TV shows. I've got the flu today and tried watching something on Netflix that began with flashing lights and somebody vomiting in a toilet, and I instantly turned it off. I wish more people would produce relaxing shows.

lisa said...

Good luck Saturday.