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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another Rainy Day

So today there was a couple sales I wanted to go to.  But one is in Olds and is the Draft Horse Sale I usually go to and the other is a neighbors farm auction with lots of wagons and driving stuff.  I stayed away cause even though I really do enjoy driving I know right now I don't need anymore stuff and am busy enough as it is this year.  And I had planned on riding and stuff, but of course it rained and so am inside.

And yesterday I was in town and got a bunch of plants that I am gonna plant this year if it ever turns into summer.  I got a couple climbing roses to put on the sides of the arbour I dont have built yet.  I guess I should get on that.  They are a pretty pink color and should look nice, I really wanted yellow, but finding a yellow climbing rose that is hardy for here.

I also ended up with a couple pots of strawberries and a blueberry and a blackberry and a raspberry.  I love the little flowers on the blueberry plant they look like little bells.  I have always wanted to grow both blueberries and blackberries but am not sure how they will overwinter so I got only one and if they survive I will get more next year.

I think I mentioned this last year and never did anything about it, but I got a corner of my garden shed that is kinda icky to mow and so am thinking I will end up planting some perrrenials, tall ones in the back and then shorter as they get closer to the lawn.

Oh and on the north side of the greenhouse is my lillies and they are slowly coming out of the ground, always nice to see they survived the winter.

And I got looking out and we almost have leaves on the lilacs, hard to imagine in a month they will be blooming like crazy.

Also watched the Kentucky Derby and I am not a very good guesser at the winner, cause my two ended up 9th and 16th.  Oops good thing I wasn't there to bet in real, although I mighta been tempted to bet on Bodemeister who ended up second too.  Sure would like to go there one day too.

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fernvalley01 said...

When you decide to go, call me I will be there with bells on! Always have dreamed of being there one year. Fun times watching the garden come back this spring , see what lived and what gets to be brand new