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Friday, May 18, 2012

Any Day to Ride is A Good Day

Yesterday I finally got another ride on Jessie.  I was gonna go Wed but at 6:30 I go out and it felt humid out and I was kinda lazy so I just brushed them and left.  And it was a good choice cause about half hour later I was in the house and the wind picked up and it tried to spit and was nasty all night.  So I was glad I didn't get caught in it.

So I caught both girls today and they get to eat grass while I brush and saddle.  Today I put on my saddle bags filled with water and my camera. I decided not to bring Razz just in case she pulled on my sore finger.  She stayed back in the pen by Magic.  I went out east of the yard and was not really going anywhere.  I thought I would go down to where the heifers were in the creek but thought I better not since the new bull was in the pasture beside them and the other bulls got chased up by the yard for testing this morning.  I was worried if I went down there they would follow me up and its less trouble if they stay down there till they get moved this afternoon.

Anyways we walk out and saw the heifers in the creek.  It sure is pretty down there when its green.  I sometimes forget cause I see it mostly when its yellow.  Jessie saw our neighbors house and not sure if she thought it was our house or what, but I went to head home and we got about halfway there and she wanted to head back, so I let her and we got there and she was right confused.  I had a good laugh at her and headed her in the right direction again and we finally made it back to the yard.

When we got home, I saw the saskatoon bushes were blooming, I guess that means the ones in the creek are too, I might have to head down there tommorow or something.
(I sure like this bridle on her, wasn't sure cause
 it was lighter that it would blend in)
By the time I got home it was 6:30 and Neil had just got home so I unsaddled her and got a pic of that weird white spot on her belly that I seen a few weeks ago but it was hard to get the pic cause it was so bright outside and dark under her belly.  But I got it, sorta blurry.  I will try to get a better one when its not so bright out.  Wish Jazz had a spot like that so she would qualify for regular Paint registry.

But before I took the saddle on I got a pic of the way her breastcollar fits, it sits right along the shoulder and I just love it.  Pretty impressed when I just picked it out at the store and come home and it sure was nice.  I think it helps the d rings to attach it are high too, Kinda want to fix my cutting saddle so its like this too.

And since I woke up to temps of +2 and a half inch of rain overnight, we decided to call off the bull testing and do it Wed and doubt I will ride today unless it warms up a lot.


fernvalley01 said...

Looks like a great ride, spring , screamin, hot or cold and rainy , gotta love it

Shirley said...

looking pretty down by the creek. Do you pick Saskatoons? Mmmm Saskatoon pie!

Paint Girl said...

Love the bridle and breastcollar!! That is close to the color we use on our Paint, Fritzy. I like the dark oil tack on Brandy because she is grey. Speaking of breastcollars, Fritzy needs a new one!! Where did you get yours? (I am sure you have mentioned it before, but I can't remember!)

cdncowgirl said...

I went to the city today around 12:30 and nothing was blooming, but when I came home at 5 I saw the lilacs & Saskatoons were both in bloom :D

Nice breastcollar :)

Janice said...

Looks like a nice place to ride.....nice fit too.

lisa said...

Lovely place to ride!

Jess Schira said...

The new bridle looks great. I've always preferred light oil tack on my red horses. You picked a lovely day for your ride.

Nancy's Notes said...

Love the new bridle! What a beautiful horse and what a thrill to get to ride in that awesome country!