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Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Yard and Garden Tour

So yesterday I got out my lawn mower cause I figured I had better cut the garden before the grass in there is over my eyelids so I go get the mower out and it has no gas in so I fill it up and pull it over by the step so Neil can get it going for me.  Most gas mowers/equipment I argue with the first time they get started for the year then we are OK after that.  Well I thought I will just try it once, so I primed in and on the first pull it started!  I was really shocked.  This is a mower my Mom and Clint bought me last summer at a yard sale for $30, so even more impressed.

Well that kinda sucked after all cause I have to drive across the lawn to get to the garden and can't just leave one path mowed, so I did the whole lawn too.  That took about an hour and after round-uping before that I was exhausted and it was only lunch time.

Well I had lunch and a break and figured I better get the garden done since that was the original plan.  I wasn't gonna do the lawn till next week cause it wasn't that long yet.  At least the garden only takes 20 min or so to mow.  The garden plot hasn't been worked yet and I am not sure if I am gonna plant much this year maybe just some lettuce and work on improving the rest of the dirt in there, work it up a few more times and add some manure and it hopefully will be nicer next year.  But it will be hard for me to not grow anything.  So I will see.  In the col frame I think I will fill with dirt and plant my strawberries.  I am not sure where the Blueberry, Raspberry and Blackberry will go yet.

Then I got looking around in there at how stuff is progressing and I got a look at my favorite crab apple tree, which is not close to blooming yet, it just got its leaves a couple days ago.  It seems to me that its later than last year, but I never remember.

Then I thought I would check on the two evergreens I planted last fall.  The little one is still little but it looks like its still alive.

But the bigger one I thought was dead earlier this spring but now it has some green needles growing back.

and the other mystery tree I got from Neil's Mom last spring seems to have survived as well.

And this lilac bush I hate so much cause its mostly dead and its not real nice, but I am gonna trim it up a bunch and hopefully get rid of most of the dead stuff and then we will see how it looks.

And the olive bush (I think) looks better than last year but still needs some trimming cause it catches on me as I mow.

and this poplar tree is dying and I wish I could cut the whole tree down, but Neil just want so cut the top half off, but I am pretty sure that the rest is gonna die really soon, but I guess we will cut it down then.

And the oak trees are not even close to getting leaves yet.

But the elm trees are my favorites, I like the height and the whole tree although they look weird with those lumps on them.

So I got a close up of the lumps and there are leaves coming out the ends of them.

I will get pics later this summer and see how much better they look fully leaved out.

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Country Gal said...

Sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you there. Everything here has caught up now all trees have leaves and flowers are blooming after all our weird weather from March and April. Have a good weekend.