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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Buckskin Filly

The place where I boarded at has another foal born.  This one was waited for for a long time and turned out exactly what they wanted.  The mom wanted a filly and the daughter wanted a buckskin and that's exactly what they got!  Never seems to work for me.  But last year they bred a black mare to a black stud and got a sorrel filly, so glad they got what they wanted this time around.

She is huge!  Such long legs and so cute.  She also has the grey eyes.

She was still figuring out how to work those legs when we saw her.  She kept kicking her self with them, it was kinda funny.  But then she put her out in the round pen and she knew how they worked better, except when she went to lay down.

Two more to foal over there now, one mid June and the other in July (we think) but she is going to Airdrie to be foaled out cause the barn owner there is gonna owner of the foal.

I miss having some babies around, and now I am not boarded there so won't see these guys much either, guess I will have to pop over for a visit now and then and see how they are growing :)


Shirley said...

This one really is all legs! To get a sorrel out of a black mare and stud, they probably both carry the red gene.

Country Gal said...

What a pretty thing . Lovely photos ! Have a good day !

Paint Girl said...

She is such a cutie! I also love watching them figure out their legs and trying to lay down for the first time. It is so funny!!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Oh gosh, she does have some unusual eyes. What a cutie.

Laura said...

Such a gorgeous foal!

fernvalley01 said...

What a cutie!