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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Stills -- Pink

This week we need to blog about Pink, I love pink so that is no problem for me :)  I coulda probly taken pics of anything I own and it would have pink in it.  But I started with my horn bags that I tested out of Jessie the other day.  Of course they don't bother her, even when I open zippers and pull stuff out, she don't care.

Then I did mention I won some fuzzy reins on Facebook, but I also got a headstall in an auction and since the conchos on it are pink I thought they might go together.  Not sure who its for, but might be Jessie's trail bridle.  Was thinking of putting something different on for trail/ranch work and just keep her show bridle for shows.  Even though pink isnt the best color on her.

I know Shirley suggested the pink for Razz, but I don't use a bit on her, so she has different reins.  I was gonna just do a photo shoot of her with them, but she hates the snaffle, so there would probly be grouchy ears, lol.  Even though the pink looks real nice on her.  Was planning on getting Kali out to show the whole pink outfit, cause her bridle has the pink crystals in it, but she was always at the far end of the pasture when I went out and I was lazy, so just got a pic of the bridle.

And of course my favorite pink saddle pad.

And my pretty boots, which were town boots, but very quickly will be made into riding boots.

And as I was walking through our yard, the bush I hated that I thought was a lilac is actually a honeysuckle and its dying cause its on top of an ant hill, but anyways it was starting to bloom and its pink.

And then as I was picking up my trailer yesterday afternoon I noticed I had my pink roll of toiletpaper in there.  Never know when its necessary.

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Mikey said...

I love all your pink stuff! That headstall and fuzzy reins are the best!!

Paint Girl said...

Love anything pink! I have a headstall with pink crystals and pink polos!!

dibear said...

I love all of your cowgirl stuff, especially the boots, they are terrific. :)

Country Gal said...

I love all this pink stuff you have. I to like pink . Nice photos. Have a great day !

henrygl said...

Nice shots, funny toilet rolls in pink ;)

4RRanch said...

Looks like you could really be color coordinated if you used all the pink at once, well maybe not the TP.

Shirley said...

Knew you could do this challenge with ease! Pink TP? Who knew!

Terry and Linda said...

You are such a girly cowgirl! Perfect! Nothing better than pink!