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Friday, May 4, 2012

A Week In Pictures

Got a lot of pics this week that just don't fit anywhere else and I wanted to share.  First off on Monday on my way to brooks I saw a radiator going up the road, wonder what its gonna fit in?

And while stopped at a light in Calgary there was this Canada goose in front of a super purple building. I was kind of surprised cause I was right downtown and busy traffic and he didn't care.  I also saw a horse made of steel parts but the light was not red there :(

I took Shirley's idea the other day to crop the pic of Razz.  And I quite like how it come out, not perfect but better.  I just use Picassa, not sure its the best one but it is the easiest cause it is automatically on my computer.

And while I was at it I cropped my favorite pic of Jessie.  She was walking towards me and just like she always walks when  I ride.  No wonder it's hard to got ear pics :)

And this one of her just standing watching me, I sure like it too.

And I looked out the window and saw Jazz desensitizing herself to a tarp that Neil put out to cover his pump for the waterer and it flew off in the wind.  Was kinda funny she just kept going back when it blew and scared her.

And today I was out working with Magic and got a nice pic of her.  She is really shedding out now and looks like she will end up darker than her winter hair.  And her mane and tail are getting really light.  She is coming along slowly, but pretty worried about the halter so I just carry it and she jumps every time it jingles but I been ignoring it and just keep brushing her and she is getting better about it.

And the other day I thought it was gonna rain and almost did was cold all day, so I thought it was a good day to get my tack room all cleaned out.  Sure took a long time, I had lots of rubbermaids in there from like 2 years ago.  And the mice were so bad last year that I never even used it, I kept the saddles in my house or truck.  But it sure looks good now.  The rubermaids in there now actually have tack in them, still lots to get rid of yet, and some draft/driving stuff I don't want to get rid of yet.

Still trying to get the yard and garden going, but its been so cold out I just don't want to, and I haven't done much riding at home either but I guess there will be time and it will get warm eventually.
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Country Gal said...

We are in a heat wave here in Ontario hot and humid ! Awesome post and photos ! Have a good day !

cdncowgirl said...

Wow that building IS purple!! Ohmighosh and right in 'the city' too.

Funny, I just organized my tack room too :) Waiting to put up a couple more shelves and I'll do a post on it.

fernvalley01 said...

Great shots, been an interesting week