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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Ride

So today I was only gonna ride Jessie cause she needs it and I was tired but I got my butt outside and caught her.  I took off her blanket (hopefully permanently) and got her ready.  Meanwhile Razz was running around the pen missing her buddy.  I had debated on ponying her but thought it would be too much work and so I wasn't gonna but since she was making such a ruckus I took Jess over to the gate and caught Razz and thought it cant be worse than yesterday, even though they have never done this before and Jessie is grouchy to everyone who comes near her.

I never brought my camera cause I thought I would have my hands full.  But as soon as I got on and Jess started walking Razz just followed along, any little bit of pressure on her halter and she stepped up so there wasn't any.  I was so impressed.  Makes me think if a horse leads well they should pony well and Razz never lets there be pressure on the rope so it was good.  And Jessie only made cranky ears once, but Razz just ignores her so it was all good.  I even was brave enough to try a trot for a bit, Razz was unsure about that at first, but she figured it out too.

Have I mentioned lately how much I like her :)  She is exactly the reason I like young horses, I get to bring them up to the way i want a horse to behave. Not that Jessie is bad by any means, just hasn't figured out exactly what I mean all the time.  And was kinda funny out there, when Jess saw something she thought was gonna eat her she just stops so she can see it and Razz just ignores it and keeps going so Jessie follows, was kinda weird.  Even going through mud Jess is kinda hesitant and Razz just plows through them so Jess did too.  Will be good lessons for her I think.  I thought it would be better the other way around but I guess this works too.

We went out in the bull pasture today (no bulls in there yet they are still down south) and Jess came up to the dugout hill and started walking up it, so I let her.  Pretty much the whole ride I let her pick the direction as long as she kept going (she don't know how to go in a straight line so it probly looked weird if anyone was watching )  But as we got to the top she saw the dugout and almost jumped out of her skin, lol.  I don't know if she has never seen a dugout before or what but it was sure funny.

We came back after about 15-20 minutes and I was happy with them both, I need to find more places to take them and go for longer rides now that I know they are good.  Afterwards I let them graze in the yard until Razz decided to plow through the caraganas and see the horses in the pasture on the other side.  I figured she was done eating and so that was the end of it.  I would like to keep them out there, but don't need them going through the brush and have found about 15 minutes they will eat and after that they start wandering.


BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I sure like being able to pony everything...and have everything used to being the pony horse. Sure can shorten the days when necessary.

Paint Girl said...

I am still planning on ponying Chance this summer. I would like to pony her on my neighbors trails so she can get used to it before I actually take her for a trail ride. I think it's great for horses and I used to do it with the show horses at the barn I worked for.