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Friday, May 25, 2012


Ya know that feeling when you have so much to do that you don't even want to do anything?  Well that's how I feel this summer.  All I wanted to do this summer was ride and show.  And again I am doing all this other stuff that other people want me to do.  I should be in Ponoka this week at a cutting show, but no of course I am at home and headed off to Calgary this afternoon to get my passport then to Olds for my Moms scrap booking.

The passport is for our trip to California which I did want to do like 2 years ago but its not at all like I wanted.  I wanted to drive down and see stuff on the way, instead my sister decided her boys would be bad in the car (which they never are) and so now we are flying and I will miss most of what I wanted to do anyways so I will have to go again if I wanna see it the way we should be this time.  I don't have my garden in but that's probly OK cause it would just die when I am gone anyways.

And after having my trailer in the shop for 2 weeks when I thought it would be like 3 days made me miss out on last weekends show and lessons.  And I missed getting the ponies to the chiro too.  I hope I can get a hold of the massage lady soon and maybe she will come out here and save me some time, but that means 2 days off for the horses afterwards.

And speaking of ponies, I still have Jazz to start and Disco and Bailey and Kali to ride and more to do with Magic.  I don't know when that is all gonna happen, maybe I should just turn out Razz and get some others in and give her the summer off.

And I waited on others to go to lessons and I shoulda just gone, I guess I am gonna have to be more proactive (can't believe I used that word!) and just do stuff I wanna do even if I have to do it alone.  Seems no one cares if we actually go to shows, they just want to lesson. But I don't.  I really enjoy the showing and lessons are a way to get there but I want to know I can do it under stress too.

We are branding on the 4th and so I am missing the show next weekend too cause its from the 1st to 3rd and there is no way I would be able to get ready for branding if I was gone 3 days before.  And probly do bad at the show cause thinking about stuff I need to get done at home.  Although yesterday I did get most of the groceries bought, except a few veggies and other fresh stuff.  I was trying to get the passport done in Brooks at thier office but she wouldn't take it cause she said I wouldn't have it back in time.  I am sure I would but she is making me go to Calgary today and therefore I am gonna miss riding today as well.  And I hate going to Brooks anyways so I was even more annoyed at having to go there for no reason.

And then branding season here is starting next Thursday and so I will just be on the go for that. But at least I get to ride most of them, especially the one where Neil usually rides but he is going to a meeting and wont be back till they are rounded up, but I will take his place :))  And on the 9th we are having an anniversary party for Neil's Mom and Dad and we are going in the day before to set everything up.  Thought it was gonna be just a simple dinner and drinks evening but I don't know anymore.

I feel kinda bad not wanting to do stuff other people want to do, but there is just no enough time in a day to get everything done, especially in the summer cause its so short.  I think people should plan stuff to do in the winter when its cold and I run out of stuff to do ;)

Although on Monday I headed down to Linda's and helped them move a herd of cattle to another field.  I took Razz and she was full of energy and its my own fault for not riding her more, but she was really good.  I sure like her.  I shoulda took Jessie but I didn't know how much work it would be and Jessie has never done that before, but maybe next time.

Sorry bout going on and on, but I just feel like I don't get to do anything I want anymore, but now its out of my system and hopefully I can move on.  All these pics are from Monday.


Shirley said...

Rants are allowed! I know what you mean about other people's plans; life just gets in the way of riding. If I waited for other people to ride with me, I'd never ride. I vote for going to the shows by yourself, at least you will be doing something you love.
It's tough when there are so many horses to ride, it's a key reason I sold Chickory, because Beamer and Gussie and training youngsters is enough work for me.

Linda said...

LOL you sound like I did.....then I learned the NO word. It'll all get done and back on track.....sometime;)

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Rant away! I have had years like that and even know I have to remember to not overwhelm myself or I shut down and it turns into a vicious cycle.

If nothing else...pick out something (even if it is just one show) that you really want to do and focus on getting ready for that. That's kind of what I am having to do with Moon and it seems to be helping me stay more centered and focused.

Sorry to hear about the California trip. :( I always love to see new country too and much prefer driving if at all possible.

fernvalley01 said...

I hear you ! Nothing I would have liked better than to head down to Linda's and ride with you , but busier than heck here too, and then got sick!
Hope you get the road trip to California someday

lisa said...

Its always nice to let off some steam! I finally decided the same thing, I have lots to do and none of it that I really want to do, I decided to finally take time for my riding this year and let some other stuff go. Tired of having horses and not doing anything with them but looking at them and feeding them!