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Friday, February 22, 2013

Brighter Days

Today was a much brighter day.  Sun was shining and trees were covered in hoar frost, so much more cheerful that the last few day.

So after going to the vet and getting teeth done on Bailey and Razz, I left Razz over at the barn with Jessie just cause its been so long since I rode Razz and I couldn't stand it anymore.  I also asked him about what to do with Magic and he said Icing Sugar.  Said it kinda works like the honey.  So I might try that.  I had heard the lime before, but I seem to remember a friend using it on a old wound and I never seemed to make much difference.  He also gave me some antibiotics to feed her in case of infection.  Ìt still looks gross, but I think it actually looks a little better than Wednesday.

I rode Jessie and she was good as always, we rode with a couple young girls and its kinda fun riding with them for a change.  Afterwards I put a tail bag on her but its kinda long and drags on the ground so I tied it up but would be nicer if it was just a little shorter.

Then I rode Razz, I was a little nervous to get on her for some reason...I must be getting old.  Never used to bother me.  She was a little nervous as well she had never been to the barn before and there was a singing box by the one wall that was pretty weird.  But we got over it and I rode her for a short 15 or so minutes and we just walked around and got used to stuff in there and then we trotted a bit and she relaxed a little, she woulda gladly loped, but I wasn't up for that much today, maybe tomorrow.


Country Gal said...

Nice photos ! I am surprised your vet didn't give you an a topic clear cream a form of chrotazone / anti bacterial to put on Magics wound . When Our dog had a wound from a cast a pressure wound that looked just like Magics wound they gave us this clear cream it acts like a liquid bandage and helps per mote the growth of skin and hair faster for the animals and has to be applied twice a day . I do hope Magics wound gets better these type of wounds can be tricky and can get worse before they get better at times ! Have a good day !

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds interesting ,never tired it but I will be watching , nice to have options for the harder to treat ones