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Saturday, February 23, 2013


So besides Magic with her wound, we also have a calf that got caught somewhere and has a wound as well. He just pretty much lays around in the corral and makes Neil bring him feed and water.  I have to let the ponies in there for water a couple times a day but they don't seem to bother him to much.

So today was Magics first test with the icing sugar and since I am giving her some in feed antibiotics mixed with her oats, she was pretty willing and I got pretty close and just sprinkled the icing sugar on it.  She didn't even care.  This might be good for her in the long run, she sure seems quieter when she is sore.

I been seperating her and Bailey to eat their oats cause I want to make sure Magic gets her antibiotics, so Bailey gets locked in with the calf and then turned back out afterwards.

Seems I was kinda disorganized this morning so I had lots of time while waiting for them to eat that I went and fed the pasture horses a treat of oats as well.  Since Neil fed rolled them out a bale the other day they are full and were not even gonna come over to get the oats till I started putting it on the ground.  Silly ponies  but much better manners than when they are hungry, lol.

And since Neil hadnt fed the heifers yet, they were sure I was coming with the oats to them, sure was being watched!

And as walking through the bull pen to the pasture ponies I got the bulls eating as well (and one old cow)

Seems all the animals want to do is eat.  Cant blame them, I like to eat too :)


Country Gal said...

I am glad Magic is doing fine that looked sore ouch ! Poor calf wonder what he got himself into to get injured ? It's like all our birdies and critters here all they do is eat to lol ! Have a good evening !

Janice said...

Brr it looks cold there....maybe that's why everybody just wants to eat....generate a little heat. Stay warm yourself.

fernvalley01 said...

Icing sugar?? I have to read up on this plan . Glad you are able to treat her