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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013 Cruise Vacation

Well I made it home from our vacation.  Kinda dissapointed when we got home there was still snow on the ground and it looked just like when we left.  But the time away was wonderful!  So much to see and do, and the weather was warm the whole time we were there.  I will just to a quick summery of the 2 weeks, but it will still be a pretty long post.

Our boat, the Carnival Liberty.  Sure was a good boat and we had a blast on it doing so much, the hot tubs especially.

The first stop we made was Carnivals private island, Half Moon Cay (pronounced key)  It was really fun, there was a huge cleaned swimming area that was not very deep, even way out in the ocean.  Also a nature walk and lots of activities and since it was Carnivals Island they even had an Island BBQ for us at lunch.

Then our second stop was St Thomas, I sure love that place.  Second time I had been here and still as pretty as the first.  We took the gondola up to view the island again and it was kinda foggy but still so beautiful.  And I found mine and my sisters retirement places, mine has the roof, lol.

Our third stop was San Juan, and I had been there before as well, us girls just wanted to shop, so the guys went on a tour of the fort and we left the boys on the boat to swim all day.

Then our last stop on the first cruise was Grand Turk.  I had never been there before so that was kinda nice as well.  Absolutely beautiful beach.  And a Swim up bar, that was fun.  And there was another Carnival boat docked there as well and that was kinda cool as well.  And they had a big display of space shuttles cause I guess one of them landed off the shore of Grand Turk about 5 miles.

Then we spent a day at sea, then in Miami to change passengers and then another day at sea before we got to our first port of the second cruise and that was Cozumel.  I have also been here before a couple times so we took no excursion.  My sister took her kids and they bought all the wanted and more with their money from their Grampa.  We also did some shopping then went on a ride in a horse and buggy.  I am sure the guy was making it up but he said his name is Jose and the horse is Jalapeno,  lol.  He sung to us and pointed out neat spots along the ride.

 Then our next stop was at Belize, I had been to Belize once before and it was a new port in a kinda corrupt country and we never booked an excursion and it was kinda boring so this time we booked cave tubing and zip-lining for me, my sister and her boys.  My mom went snorkeling and Clint and Neil went on a Mayan ruins tour.

Then onto Mahogany Bay, Roatan, Honduras.  I had never been here before either and it is very pretty, I really enjoyed the day there, at the beach and shopping and riding on the magic beach chair.  It was kinda cool cause the swimming area was right in front of the boat.

Then our last stop was in Grand Cayman.  I have been here a few times and I really enjoyed every time.  I just love the atmosphere and it is wonderful there.  And best of all I finally convinced my sister to go riding with me :)  we rode down the beach, it was lots of fun.

Then back to another sea day and then a long day of getting off the boat and flying home,  and now I am home and ready to start another adventure....


Country Gal said...

Welcome back ! Oh I am soo glad you had a nice trip ! Looks so lovely wonderful photos . Thanks for sharing with us . Yes here in Ontario the weather has and still is a mixed bag . Come on spring ! Have a good day !

Cindy D. said...

Wow! What fun! Glad you had a good time, and even more glad that you weren't on the Carnival Ship that got stranded at sea.
I would so love to go to some of those places. Maybe someday!

lisa said...

Lucky girl! Glad you had a better trip than the one we have been hearing about on the news! Looks fabulous!

fernvalley01 said...

welcome home !! looks like an amazing trip

Paint Girl said...

Wow! Looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to go on a cruise, but my OH can't get time off work and it's hard to find people to take care of the animals for that long.
Love the beaches! And sun! Love it all. Happy to hear you had such a great time!!

Shirley said...

Sun and beaches- much better than the title of your last post "Blizzard"! Glad you had a good time with your family.

gowestferalwoman said...

okay - you have been on these trips before - We want more photos!!!!! ;p

And we are happy that you chose the 'right' cruise that took you to great places!