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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cutting Show, Sept 7th

So my show was last weekend and I was pretty nervous but very excited to see how much different it was gonna be since Jess was at the trainer for about 6 weeks before it.  I went Wednesday and worked the flag and then Thursday and we worked cows and on Friday they took her to the feedlot and worked more cows in a show like setting and then the show Saturday.

I was to meet them at 9:30 there which was weird for me cause I never left home till 8!  Seems wrong to go showing and get to sleep till a normal time.  Also was weird going without my pony.  But all was well, I got there and we had lots of time which was alright, just got to relax and watch some.  Warrick showed her in the open class at about 10:30 and the plan was he was gonna see how she was and if she needed it he would pick up on her...and she needed it.

The she got to stand around for a long time and then when it was my turn he saddled her and got on and warmed her up for me, that was odd, I felt so spoiled!  I didn't even know what to do without having to get my pony ready, lol.  But we went in and I did pick up my hand a few times but she was pretty good, a lot better than before, I felt like she was listening to me and even though the cows were pretty crappy we actually got something done.

The first cow was nice and slow and even though we got a little behind a couple time I was happy with it.  The second cow was just turning in circles, hard to do anything with, but I was glad Jess wasn't trying to make it move like she used to and she never turned so she was facing it.  The third cow was probly the best one we picked but only had a couple seconds with it before time was up.

Somehow I was also entered for Sunday so we went thought since I had already paid might as well go, Doug couldn't make it Sunday but sent Warrick to help me.  I was not too excited about it (even though I love to do it) because every other show we went to the Sunday was even worse than the Saturday...But I thought just as Doug always tells me, ride your horse like she is perfect and if not then correct her...so just gotta go and imagine it will be perfect :)


Paint Girl said...

It's always nice having someone get your horses ready for you!!
The first cow looked quite lazy. But I think you guys looked good! I don't know a lot about cutting, although it is something I want to do someday with Rio. She is a quick little thing and I think that is what she will be good at. Or reining. Or both!

Shirley said...

Looks like you are getting more confidant about showing- and you sure do have a nice horse.

Cindy D. said...

I agree with Shirley, the video of you and Jess showed a much higher level of confidence and calmness, and dang she is gorgeous.

As I watched this I tried to imagine doing it on one of my horses...ha!