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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sept 8th Cutting Show

The Sunday Show I knew would be less people, they always are, I kinda think those who aren't doing well don't come back for the Sunday.  But we did, lol even though I got 3 out of 4 in my class.  I got there about the same time, Warrick was warming up Jess and he was in the first herd so we watched him and he did so good!  I love watching my horse with someone else when she was doing awesome :)  He was much impressed with her as well.  He said before he went in he got her backing up without reins and got her thinking back as we know stopping is her biggest downfall.

Then he got off her and warmed up a 3 year old he brought to show in the ranch cutting and then got on a turnback horse for the rest of the time.  When it was a herd before my class I got her ready and warmed her up and she was sore.  She had been a little sore when I went to Doug's and got on her for warm up but she worked out of it pretty quick.  I think her hocks get sore when she stands around and she was a pen at his place where she can move around but not really any reason to, lol.  And so thought it was the same thing but she seemed to not get over it,  Warrick said he thought it was her puffy front leg but when she head bobbed it was either the other front leg or her left hock ( I am not sure how to tell if its front or back when trotting)  But we went ahead and warmed her up she sure didn't want to stop so guess it wasn't as bad as it seemed.  She did get a little better by the time we went in.  I got a few people to look at it and no one seemed as concerned as I was.

The first cow I never pushed far enough out of the herd, and as soon as it was seperated I knew what I did wrong, which is why it almost got back in and then other cows got scattered.  I was happy we did get it back and we never lost it, first time I have shown 2 days and not lost a cow.  The second cow was kinda slow, but I liked it, we were on and watching.  The third cow I ran out of time, but I wanted to get him cut out and stopped and we did.  All in all I was pretty pleased except for the first cow and then Cub telling me to pick up my reins cause more cows were out there and after I put my hand down it was judged as cueing her.  I also lost a point or 2 on Sat for not having loose reins so I fixed that this time too.

I got a short video of the guy I bought my horse off of, his gelding was pretty cool!

I am glad we went to this show, lots of positive things but still not perfect yet but we are on the way to getting better.  Never even though of it, but shoulda got a pic of Warrick's scores.  He got a 60 on Saturday from schooling and a 71 Sunday


Shirley said...

Each show is a building block. Cool that Warrick got a 71 on her.

lisa said...

Love watching the videos! Thanks for sharing.