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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Moonlight Rides

The last full moon, Susan asked if we wanted to go riding with her.  I have always wanted to ride in the full moon so of course we agreed.  We met at her house and got saddled about 8.  I rode Bailey and Char rode Kali cause her trailer is broken and Susan took Twister.  We went out for an hour or so and then came back in and had supper and visited till it got dark then went out again.  The ponies thought we were cray!  Kali didn't want to leave the yard, but she is sooooo attached to bailey she had to, lol.  It was really cool!  The moon was so bright and it was almost like daytime but cooler (thank goodness! it has been over 30 here for at least 3 weeks now)  We went for about another hour and then called it quits and it was a little chilly so we loaded up and headed home.
 (I forgot my camera (DUH!) and so after the first ride 
I made Char take me a pic by the moon,
 but I wish Id have smiled)

The next night was just as nice (maybe even a little warmer) and so I called Susan and we decided to go again.  The moon was almost full still so we figured if there was not too many clouds we could see lots too.  We got there a little later and went out.  I took Bailey again and ponied Kali (she needs the exersize and she is soo good)  Char couldn't make it this time.  We left a little before dark and it wasn't late enough, it was pretty hard to see and the clouds were covering the moon :(  Not that we were worried, Bailey can always find her way back so we were not gonna get lost and then as we made the loop and we almost home it was so nice out we decided to go make another loop.  It was a good choice as the weather was just perfect and then the moon was high enough to be out of the clouds and it was really bright.
 (I took these with my phone and Kali 
figured out pretty quick the flash was bright
 and she turned away, lol)

What a nice way to spend a evening.  And because it was dark there were virtually no bugs (we saw 1 mosquito, lol)


Kalin said...

What pretty pictures!! I'm so obsessed with your horse!! Gorgeous!!

lisa said...

What a wonderful evening! I think I have said this plenty of times, but sure wish I could of lived closer!

Janice said...

I love night riding haven't done it for awhile...you stirred up some fond memories though...thanks!

Paint Girl said...

That looks like so much fun!!

fernvalley01 said...

what fun! I haven't done that in years!