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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Berry Picking

A couple weeks ago I went down to Neil's sisters house cause she offered her Nanking cherries to me if I wanna pick them.  So I headed down there and picked about 4 pails.  She helped me pick a few but then had to go to work so it was just me and the dog and cats there.  It has been so hot that I just boiled them up and then strained the juice off and got a ice cream pail of juice that I froze, I will make jelly/syrup or cordial out of.

(I know I need to defrost, lol hopefully this fall when its less full)

The dog, Bailey, she is just hilarious, in the house all she does is sleep on the couch or chew her toys on her bed, but then outside she doesn't stop!  She just runs and runs and runs. silly dog!.  Then the cat came out and she wanted to chase/play with him but the cat was more hissing at her and chasing her than the other way around, but boy was it funny!  I think the cat liked it too, cause he never did leave and he coulda.

Afterwards I stopped in at Neil's Mom and Dads house for a visit and they gave me 2 pails of raspberries and a pail of beans, carrots, and onion and a tomato from the garden!  Wow were they ever good.... And the leftovers I made 3 jars pickled beans and 2 jars pickled carrots.

And then my Mom came out and she brought me a box of peaches from BC and boy oh boy do I feel spoiled this year!  But after she left, I spent the day peeling, pitting and slicing peaches.  Gonna make peach salsa, peach jam, canned peaches, and freeze some for smoothies or just eating.

And then a couple days ago I went down to the creek and picked 2 pails of chokecherries and cooked them into juice and froze it, gonna hopefully make syrup unless is jells too much then it will be jelly.

(also picked a bunch of rosehips, was gonna make tea 
but done even know how, 
oh well Google will help they know everything!)
I love fruit from summer :)


cdncowgirl said...

I got a laugh from that "Google will help they know everything"
I always say "Let's ask Mr. Google" lol

cheyenne jones said...

OMG!.....You have been busy! Our fruit this year, is about a month behind, due to the late winter. Cant believe how busy you`ve been!!

4RRanch said...

Wow, looks like you're really stocked up for the winter now. Looks delicious.

Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

Looks like you guys will be eating well this winter!!

Louisa Valentina; said...

This post made me hungry! LOVE Peach Salsaaa... mmmm mmm mmm

Janice said...

Busy girl.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...


I didn't put in a garden this year and boy oh boy are Chris and I missing it now. My raspberries came in really good this year and I missed the majority of them because I was on the road. :-(. Came home to dried raspberries on the stalk. LOL

lisa said...

You have been a busy girl! We have a nanking cherry and the thing has taken over the yard at the end of our sidewalk, the son had to chop it back a little! They are very good, it grew fruit for the first time last year! I read that it doesn't always produce fruit every year and it produces when it feels like it!

fernvalley01 said...

yumm! look at all the goodies!