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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Loving Cutting on Jessie

On Friday I went down to see Jessie at Doug's.  I was gonna see how she was doing, I was supposed to go the week before but he was busy hauling bales.  I was pretty excited to go see how she was doing.  I wasn't sure if I was gonna ride or just see what he was doing, but at the last minute I put my saddle in the truck.

I had said I would come after lunch and was a bit early cause I  was planning on doing some stuff in town, but I forgot it was Friday and all the tourist were out in full force and I just wanted out of there.  So when I got there they were still havin lunch and so I went to see Jess and Doug come by in his side by side and said if I want to ride her I can saddle her up and warm her up.  Well of course I did.  So I got her all ready and realized I forgot boots, but she has worked before in no boots and so figured it was fine.  We warmed up and she was acting kinda sore so I figured I should check her feet since I never did before but they were clean and so went to do up the cinch another hole and it was pinching her.   I am glad I checked, poor girl.  She felt much better after that.  Whew.

We got all ready and Doug had cows in the arena and asked if I wanted to work her, so I said sure do.  Was a little nervous cause haven't been riding much in the between times, a few times out on Bailey with Susan but that's not really work, more visiting while on a horse.

But anyways he said to pick a black cow so I did and she was fast!  We went around and around a few times and then the cow turned and run the other way, so no wait.  but it was good and we stopped and made our turn and did that a few times and got a new cow.  I didn't know which one I wanted so while walking towards them a yellow and white cow run out all by itself in front of us.  I guess we had our second cow.  She also was fast (of course she was she come out of the herd running!) and she liked to stop and turn lots.  And then I lost my stirrup while we were stopped and then the cow left and Jessie left and I lost my other stirrup!  I was hanging on pretty good and the cow turned again!  Oh man I thought I was gonna fall off.  Then the cow took off running, which was good cause at least then I could get my stirrups back, whew that was a rush!!  We worked her a couple more turns then on to a new cow.  The last one I picked was slow, finally, and it was so awesome, I could ask Jessie to move up a couple steps so we were head to head and she did then stopped and waited.  Then the cow turned and stopped and she waited.  I was so happy!  I am so glad I decided to leave her there for a while.

I am also glad I worked that first cow too.  It seemed like chaos and scary at first, but I always had trouble telling where the corners were to let the cow go around or to keep straight with them and never really understood the whole going around thing, but that me understand it a lot better.  And helped me realize she can be going clockwise while still looking at the cow on the outside, kinda a odd bend but keeps them from dropping their shoulder, which Jess was bad about trying to make the turn easier, even though it made it actually harder.
(he has puppies too!!!  So adorable :)
I still need to practice sitting back more and watching the cow more (specially since Jessie really is) and using my horn.  But so much easier when I don't have to worry about correcting her.  He is gonna call me tomorrow and thinks he has a plan in mind.  I don't know what this plan is, but I am super excited now :)


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds great ! Post asap what t he plan is please!

Janice said...

She's looking good.Did you get your package yet!!!!!!

Cindy D. said...

I can't wait to hear what the plan is.

Shirley said...

Yeah! Sounds like it was a rush! Keep us in the loop!

cdncowgirl said...

Sweet! And good job staying on, I'm pretty sure I'd have been a dirt dart lol

lisa said...

I know I would of went off in one direction or the other! Good for you for staying one, good riding.