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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hanna All Horse Rodeo Parade

Today was the rodeo parade in Hanna. I had never gone but had no plans so thought I should head up there.  I took Jessie and decided to ride in my chaps and hat and I picked a red shirt cause I don't like the red shirt for showing but its pretty so I wanted to wear it.  I also wore a long sleeve red shirt underneath cause it was kinda cold in the morning.

 (Front of the Parade, led by the Rodeo Queen and Princesses)

(Brent and his wife Carrie and their daughter, he often rides this horse, Chexmate, without tack)

 (the parade marshal was the RCMP and the Rodeo President)

 (Neil came with me and even though he did not want to ride, he did grab a ride in a wagon, 
driven by my neighbor Michelle.)

 (me :) )

 (some others and the 4H group)

 (what a cute little pony)

( John and Janice, shes the one who bought Henry)

 (I want him)

(Andy and his roan team)

 All in all I am glad I went, it was good and Jessie was awesome as I knew she would be, even when we rode right behind the 4H flag blowing in her face.  I sure like taking her places, she is so good, even though Razz would be a pretty parade horse, she would probly hate it.


CDH said...

Love the wagon with the red wheels! Great pics. Looks like a fun day.

Shirley said...

That's pretty cool that Hanna has a horses only parade. Love the red shirt!