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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Well since I run out of time yesterday, I have to write all about Jessie today so the wordless day is gonna have to wait till tomorrow cause I can't.  On Monday Jessie went in for her pre-purchase exam.  He says she is well conformed for a cutter, short back, nice neck and good croup.   They did the flexion test and she was sound on the straightaway on pavement and on the circles every fourth or fifth stride she was a little wonky but she come out of it within a couple times.  And she seemed a little stiff in the right knee (not sore, just stiff when flexing) even though it tested clean they x-rayed it and there is nothing there.  They also did x-rays of her feet and they show nothing out of the ordinary.  Her left foot is a little turned in but nothing he said he would worry about now.  He said no signs of arthritis, no rotation of coffin joint, but a little irritation on end of coffin bone but that is normal for a 7 year old horse.

He said her hocks were really good, and the only thing he was a little concerned about was the growth rings on her feet were uneven, which can say digestive upset.  But after talking to the owner, he said it is more likely because she is the boss mare and so her feed is probly gobbled down when they are being fed and she gets more than she needs,and then she evened out when on pasture so not too much to worry about.  He did suggest I wear shoes on her front feet if we are doing anything serious though. 

All in all he says she is low to medium risk and would probly be a good horse for me.  He said if I want to show twice a month and do some lessons  she would be fine, but if I wanted to go to Fort Worth (BIG show) then probly too intense for her.  And since I doubt I would make it there (or could afford it) I don't think that's a problem.

So I guess I am getting a new horse!!!!!!  I haven't decided what I am gonna do with her yet, I may bring her home for a week this Sunday and ride her a couple times in Brooks and a couple times a home if its nice out, and go back for lessons next weekend when Charlene's horse comes home we might board in East Coulee where she has a heated barn and then they will stay in overnight and go out during the day (if she has room there).

I got to get her in better shape before doing too much with her and I think that wont take too long, probly a couple weeks and then I don't know what will go on, hopefully some small shows and stuff before spring when everything and everybody starts to get competitive.  I also signed myself up for a Leon Harrel clinic in August and hopefully by then I will have a good idea of what I need to work on with her and be able to ride her better.  I am still definitly gonna keep taking lessons, once or twice a week.  Should be fun!  Now I just gotta wait till Sunday, it seems so faaaaaar away.

Also yesterday morning I had coffee with Susan and Lu.  I havent seen Lu in a real long time and it was nice to get back together.  Where we are thinking of boarding is where Lu has her horse so maybe I will get to ride with her a few times again too.  That would be good.  We are also gonna try to get together more often for coffee.


fernvalley01 said...

Congrats! So exciting!

Cheyenne said...

Hey Crystal! Well done girl! Sounds like a dream horse.

Shirley said...

You sound like a kid at Christmas! She sounds like a good one- now go have fun with her! And lucky you, Leon Harrel Clinic.

Amanda Faith said...

Congrats on getting a new horse, exciting!! Where do yall live at? We also live on a ranch in Texas, have 6 four legged babies, 3 fur babies, and a baby girl on the way.


BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Right on! Can't wait to see you two in action.