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Monday, January 16, 2012


Saturday was a really crammed full day. I knew I had a baby shower for my cousin Misty and her new daughter at 1, and me and my sister had planned to go watch a movie afterwards.  But I had called the guy selling the mare I tried and said I would like to try her again and we thought Sunday would work, but then the weather forecast was for super cold, so we decided Saturday morning on my way to Calgary I would stop and ride.  So I did. 

And wow, I think I learned more in 2 lessons on her than I did in a year on all the other horses I rode.  Sure is a lot easier when all I have to concentrate on is the cow and keeping the horse away from the cow.  (and staying on, always remember to tighten cinch before cutting on a horse that can cut)  I got to work a few and Doug picked me one that was pretty fast and she could keep up but I was having trouble and he kinda laughs and says that cow is too fast for you.  And totally true, I have to concentrate on doing the right thing at the right time and hanging on but not using my legs unless I need to and keeping my hand down except when sorting a cow out of the herd, and keeping right hand on horn and not pulling myself forward, and add speed I am lost. 

It was so much fun though!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and can see having a lot of fun with her as well and learning a ton and maybe even win some money in the mean time :)  I asked lots of questions about her, she sounds perfect.  His 4 year old grandson rides her around the pasture, she can be ridden in/out anywhere I want, she had her teeth done last Tuesday, she has energy but will stay at a walk unless you ask for more, she does have a lump on her leg, apparently it is a broken blood vessel that she did when she was 3 and it has been the same ever since, she hasn't been lame on it and the vet said he could drain it but it would probly come back.  She is out of a cutting family, her sire is a cutter (he's the one Doug tried to get for me, George Canyon's horse that they won't sell) and she has 3 sibling out of the same mare that all made cutters. He also has had her dince she was a foal.

She was shown as a 3 year old by Doug quite a bit, a few times as a 4 year old, and then not at all as a 5 year old, and last year with the owner.  Her last time being rode was last August at a show.  He thinks I can go out there and win lots this year on her even while learning.  I am pretty excited!!!!  He calls her Jessie (after her mom), but her real name is Maiden Dixie.  I asked about shoes and he says rides her barefoot unless gonna show cause you never know what its gonna be like in warm up or show area.  I asked about easy to catch and he says no problems, I seen her load and that wasn't a big deal.  I don't have any pics of me riding cause Char was riding Dude too.  But I did get a couple of her standing at trailer afterwards.  She is actually a good size for a cutter, probly about 14.3, about the same size as Razz. 

Then afterwards I headed to the baby shower and then went to see War Horse.  Was a good movie, but sad too.  I am curious to see how they filmed some of it.  I had read the book before and it has the same story line but doesn't follow it real close.  Then we went our for supper and I headed home.  Long but succesful day.  And then wake up today to wind and cold and ewww!! I plan on staying home for a week or more till it gets warmer out.  Kinda dissapoionted then I won't be able to go get her :))  Did I mention I'm a little excited, lol!!  I might board her at Dougs for a month or so and learn to ride her while getting her in shape.  I told him I am interested, but I forgot I run out of checks so I have to wait to pay for her (DUH!!!)

Had to show a pic of the cake as the shape of a baby onesie that my sister made.


Shirley said...

Oh I'm excited for you! This seems like just the mare to get you showing this year. And, she's a looker! You are going to have so much fun you won't be able to stand it.... well maybe. She has some top notch cutting breeding.One solid looking stout mare.

fernvalley01 said...

Congrats! SO excited for you , she sounds perfect!

Cheyenne said...

Well done, I hope she`s the one!

lisa said...

That is just great, good luck with her!!! I love the cake!

oneoldcowgirl said...

I like that mare. Looks like a good buy to me but thats from an uncutter, I guess.