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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Regular Unscheduled Day

I got thinking this morning that I sometimes feel like a 12 year old girl.  I know sounds crazy, but as many times as I change outfits in a day it makes me wonder sometimes.  Every morning when I get up I usually have a little breakfast and check the computer then go out to do chores.  I have to change to put barn clothes on cause I wear flannel Jammie's and hay sticks to them really well (or I wouldn't bother changing)  then I come in and relax till about 10 when it is exercise time (4 days a week anyways) and so I am changing again into my workout clothes.  Afterwards I usually have a shower and get lunch ready and decide what to have for supper and get it out of freezer. 

After lunch Neil always has a nap so I try to be quiet, either computering or doing something outside.  I like to go riding then cause then there are no disturbances from whatever he is doing in the yard.  If I am going to town or ride elsewhere I usually change again cause I want cleaner clothes than just barn clothes.  After supper not much happens unless I am going for a lesson or something.  It would be nice to have scheduled lessons, but Doug just wants us to always phone when we can come.  I guess that works better in the winter cause depending on roads and weather we may not know till last minute if we are going.

It is hard for me to have a schedule, I am pretty used to doing things when I want to.  I generally try to have lunch at 12 and supper ready by 6, but it doesn't always happen.  Neil is pretty accommodating and he has no problem making himself a sandwich if I am not home.  It is easier in the summer when I can spend more time outside and I generally have chores everyday.  It makes me be more scheduled that way, but when all my horses are on pasture I don't worry about feeding times. Although sometimes its worse cause there is more daylight hours so I forget what time it is when I get busy.

And now I requested a invite to Pinterest even though I probly shouldn't cause now I can just see spending more and more time on there.  Although it looks so cool I dont know how I am gonna be able to stay away.  So many categories of interest there.  And now I know lots of people who have stuff on there and yikes I am afraid to get my invite accepted, lol.


Shirley said...

I think I'll stay away from Pinterest. For now.

fernvalley01 said...

I have avoided Pinterest , not because it doesn't look interesting, but because it does! between the blog and my writing , I spend lots more than enough time on the computer. I don't watch TV though so ...